13 May, 2024

Driving Growth: How Blockchain Cross-Marketing Amplifies Brand Influence

Driving Growth How Blockchain Cross-Marketing Amplifies Brand Influence

Blockchain Cross-Marketing is a fresh approach to marketing and promotion. It allows your brand to collaborate with other brands to achieve a common goal across multiple platforms. 

Nevertheless, this endeavour will only be successful if your target market shares the same demographics, such as age or income level. 

This article will explore and provide insights using this approach and how it can shape your marketing strategies. 

Cross-marketing: What Is It?

Cross-marketing is a marketing strategy where you collaborate with other organisations and enterprises to increase the visibility and reach of your brand. Cross-marketing is a partnership in which companies pool their resources to promote their brands to the same target market.

Cross-marketing, at least the conventional kind, is not a novel idea; marketers have been using it for a long time. The cross-marketing tactics you can use include joint promotions, co-branding, and alliances. To put it simply, brands help each other reach a wider audience and target market.

Nevertheless, even the most seasoned marketers find it difficult to conduct cross-marketing due to coordination problems and different messaging from the various brands.

Cross Marketing

Enter Blockchain Technology

You can say blockchain is a disruptive force that’s reshaping industries from finance to healthcare. Blockchain is often referred to as a digital ledger where transactions are recorded. Since this ledger is decentralised – it’s considered secure and transparent, making it an ideal tool for online marketing.

Furthermore, blockchain technology can offer several benefits to your business, from enhancing data security to streamlining supply chains. 

Concept and Examples of Blockchain Cross-Marketing

Blockchain cross-marketing can optimise your cross-marketing efforts. With smart contracts and decentralised platforms, your brand can execute cross-promotional campaigns while ensuring transparency and accountability. Here are two examples of successful blockchain cross-marketing campaigns.

Ubisoft’s NFT Fantasy Football Cards

Video game developer Ubisoft has partnered with Sorare, an NFT-based fantasy football platform. Sorare utilises blockchain technology to verify the ownership and authenticity of digital football cards, which players can buy, sell, trade, and use in fantasy football games. 

Ubisoft integrated these NFTs into one of its own fantasy football games using Sorare’s blockchain cards. This partnership not only brought blockchain technology to a mainstream gaming audience but also allowed both companies to tap into each other’s user bases for mutual benefits in cross-marketing.

Ubisoft x Sorare

Starbucks’s “From Bean to Cup” Coffee Production

Starbucks has partnered with Microsoft to utilise its blockchain service to track coffee production from “bean to cup.” This initiative allows customers to track the supply chain of the beans used in their coffee. 

This partnership allows Starbucks to use blockchain technology to provide customers with detailed information about the coffee they purchase, including where it was grown, when it was roasted, and tasting notes. Microsoft, on the other hand, demonstrates the practical application of its blockchain technology in real-world supply chains.

Starbucks blockchain supply chain management

Advantages of Blockchain Cross-Marketing

Here are the primary benefits you can gain from blockchain cross-marketing:

Encourages Transparency and Trust

When you collaborate using blockchain technology, you can offer transparency in your transactions. This level of openness allows your customers to verify the authenticity of their transactions and the origins of the products they purchase.

Increased Security and Data Protection

Blockchain’s integration in cross-company collaborations greatly improves security and data protection. With advanced cryptographic techniques, blockchain ensures that any sensitive information shared between the two companies remains secure and resistant to tampering.

This reduces data privacy and cybersecurity concerns significantly, offering peace of mind to your businesses and customers.

Improved Customer Engagement and Loyalty

Working together with blockchain technology allows your companies to create more personalised marketing experiences. You can utilise shared data to develop targeted promotions and advertising tailored to specific demographics and consumer behaviours.

This personalised approach not only increases customer engagement but also fosters loyalty and encourages repeat business. Through blockchain, your companies can improve your individual offerings whilst strengthening your position in the marketplace. This also creates a more connected and reliable brand experience for your customers.

Challenges and Limitations of Blockchain Cross-Marketing

Despite its potential, blockchain cross-marketing can face some challenges, such as:

Regulatory concerns and compliance issues pose significant hurdles, requiring careful navigation and adherence to evolving legal frameworks.

Integration complexity and cost are also notable barriers to widespread adoption. Implementing blockchain technology into existing marketing infrastructures requires substantial investment and technical expertise, deterring many businesses from exploring its full potential.

Additionally, the lack of understanding and education about blockchain technology hampers its adoption in marketing contexts. Overcoming this educational barrier is essential to fostering consumer trust and confidence in blockchain-powered initiatives.

Practical Implementation Tips

You can integrate blockchain into your cross-marketing strategies and unlock new opportunities by following these tips.

1. Find the Most Suitable Blockchain Platform

Find and study the various blockchain platforms to find the one that best suits your brand. Remember, your chosen platform will have to perform well based on multiple factors such as scalability, security, and compatibility with existing systems.

2. Prioritise Your Brand’s Transparency and Communication

Maintain transparent communication with all stakeholders by clearly stating the benefits of blockchain integration and also address any concerns or misconceptions. Encourage feedback and involvement to ensure buy-in from all parties involved.

3. Invest in Employee Training and Education

Adding blockchain technology to your marketing campaigns will require a certain level of expertise. You’ll need  to invest in training programs to educate your employees about blockchain, including:

  • Its fundamentals
  • Applications
  • Why and how it’s relevant to your cross-marketing strategies.

4. Set Clear Objectives and Metrics

Set clear objectives, whether improving data security or customer engagement. You also need to establish measurable goals to track your campaign’s progress and evaluate its effectiveness..

5. Collaborate with Industry Experts

You can seek guidance from blockchain experts or consultants who have experience in implementing similar projects. Their insights and expertise can help you overcome the challenges, avoid common pitfalls, and optimise your strategy.

6. Ensure Regulatory Compliance

You or your team should be fully aware of blockchain laws, especially if you’re working in industries like finance or healthcare. Ensure that your implementation follows all the relevant laws and regulations to avoid legal issues down the line.

7. Start Small, Then Scale Gradually

You can start with a small marketing project, or you can implement blockchain in a specific area of your cross-marketing strategy before scaling across your business. This allows you to test the technology, identify areas for improvement, and gradually integrate blockchain into existing processes without disrupting operations.

8. Monitor Then Adapt Your Strategy

Continuously monitor your blockchain cross-marketing performance and adapt your campaigns as needed. You should also collect user feedback and track key performance indicators. Rinse and repeat your strategy to optimise the results over time. Flexibility and agility are key to successfully using blockchain in your cross-marketing campaigns.


Blockchain cross-marketing can be a new tool in your online marketing strategies. With the power of blockchain, you can extend your brand’s influence, improve consumer trust, and boost sustainable growth.

As the competition gets tougher, embracing blockchain-powered initiatives can provide the needed boost to stay ahead of the curve. Reach out to us at Blokpoint today to explore how we can elevate your SEO and Google Ads for your cross-marketing needs.


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