22 Apr, 2024

Blockchain Bulletin:
APRIL 2024

Australian Fintech Stables: Initiating Crypto International Remittances Linking Australia and The Philippines

You can now send Australian Dollars or Philippine Pesos to millions of people worldwide using stablecoins. With users in over 130 countries, Stables enables transfers of Aussie Dollars or Pesos to more than 140 million individuals across Australia and the Philippines.

The Philippines stands out as a key remittance destination in Southeast Asia, receiving over $40 billion annually. Australia is also a significant player, contributing $5.76 billion to the mix.

The landscape of financial transactions is swiftly evolving. Digital payments are becoming dominant, particularly in regions like the Philippines, where 44% of individuals over 15 lack a bank account.


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NovaDEX Rides the Wave of Solana’s Explosive Network Growth

NovaDEX is a new decentralised exchange (DEX) built on Solana. NovaDEX aims to capitalise on this explosive growth to become the largest DEX out there.

NovaDEX also offers a range of features for users, including Concentrated Liquidity AMM, Yield Farming, Spot Trading, and Standard AMM. Their mainnet has already launched and is making waves in the DeFi space, with over 85,000 transactions and more than 1,900 individuals holding its NVX token.

Arculus Cold Wallets Now Support Provenance Blockchain’s Native Token HASH

Digital security platform Arculus is rolling out cold storage wallet support for HASH, the native token of Provenance Blockchain.

Provenance Blockchain is one of the biggest blockchain networks out there, handling nearly $10 billion in financial assets and $30 billion in transactions as of February 29, 2024.

Since Provenance Blockchain considers safety and security as its top priorities, most of its clients include regulated financial institutions, fintech companies, and DeFi brands.

With this announcement, Arculus users can take control of their HASH tokens using the Arculus cold-storage mobile wallet.

UXLINK Takes Center Stage in the Web3 Universe

UXLINK just partnered up with some big names in the AI and GameFi world, like Bubble AI, 1Gen Labs, Pond, MetaCene, BacGames, Space Nation, and EarlyBird3.

In a recent chat with the UXLINK community, they emphasised how important UXLINK is in the Web3 world. It’s not just another project—it’s the backbone, managing users’ social connections and acting as their digital identity in this new era.

UXLINK is like the powerhouse behind the scenes, providing top-notch services to developers by tapping into the storage and processing power of public chains. They’re also working on the Social Liquidity Chain, which aims to make social data flow smoother and help users manage their social assets.

MetaBlox Skyrockets Past 100,000 Nodes Following Epic Strategic Round

MetaBlox, a top DePIN project in data connectivity, now spans over 100,000 nodes. That means they’re providing WiFi access to users in more than 100 countries. This growth highlights the growing need for connectivity across various industries.

MetaBlox is determined to handle the bandwidth challenges, using blockchain tech to ensure universal connectivity. And with impressive growth numbers in their user base, MetaBlox is proving they’re here to stay and scale. Their goal remains clear: to push connectivity boundaries and ensure everyone has access.

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