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Boost your project’s visibility by partnering with top Web3 influencers through our specialised services!

In the bustling world of Web3, stand out from the crowd with a digital marketing plan that grabs attention while building trust and credibility.

Blokpoint is your ace in the hole, specialising in Web3 Influencer Marketing. We bring a game-changing strategy to the table, utilising the clout and genuineness of Web3’s key players to catapult your projects into the limelight.

Join Blokpoint and harness our years of experience in influencer management to promote your projects and make a resounding impact in the digital world.

Why Web3 Influencer Marketing Matters

Unlock the full potential of your Web3 venture with the unmatched power of our influencer marketing strategy. Imagine teaming up with the most influential voices in the Web3 world — from trendsetting bloggers and charismatic YouTubers to influential social media personalities and seasoned industry experts. An individual influencer with his or her personal brand can take your project from the shadows and achieve widespread mainstream adoption.

Our mission? To leverage their vast followings and unshakeable credibility to skyrocket your project’s visibility, boost your brand, and create a buzz that gets everyone talking. This is more than marketing; it’s about rewriting the rules of engagement and building a bridge of transparency and trust between you and your audience.

Enter Blokpoint, where Web3 Influencer Marketing is our speciality. Our tailored approach is your key to surviving and thriving in an industry filled with complex jargon and cautious scepticism. Let us guide you through this dynamic advertising landscape and leave a lasting legacy in Web3.

What are the benefits of influencer marketing?

Discover how Web3 Influencer Marketing can catapult your project to new heights:

Increased Brand Visibility

Get ready to shine! Partner with the right influencers to put your project in the limelight and solidify its authenticity and credibility. Their endorsements mean your project reaches a broader, more trusting audience.

Enhanced Engagement

Influencers are the maestros of engagement. They create captivating content that sparks lively interactions with your project — think virtual events, spirited discussions, and a flurry of comments and shares.

Community Building

Beyond promoting, influencers are community architects. They can rally a passionate and dedicated community around your project, creating a lasting and loyal base.


Stretch your marketing budget further. Influencer relationships offer a more innovative, efficient way to connect with your target audience than traditional advertising methods.

Community Building

Influencers, as key opinion leaders, can help you establish and grow a dedicated community around your project.

With Blokpoint, harness these benefits to compete and dominate in the Web3 world.

Finding the Right Web3 Influencers

Success in your Web3 Influencer Marketing campaign hinges on connecting with the perfect influencers, and Blokpoint is your go-to expert. Here’s how to pinpoint the ideal Web3 macro-influencers or micro-influencers for your campaign:


Align with influencers whose content resonates with your project’s niche and target market. The right fit is vital for effective messaging.


Dive into the influencer’s level of your target audience interaction. High engagement signals a vibrant, attentive community eager to interact with your project.


Seek influencers who are not merely promoters but believers. Their genuine understanding and belief in your project are crucial for authentic connections.

Track Record

Scrutinise their past collaborations. An influencer’s history can reveal the potential impact on your project.

Unique Methods and Strategies

The Web3 world is impressive, and so should be your choice of influencer. Look for those who understand the intricacies of Web3 and craft content that resonates with this dynamic community.

At Blokpoint, we guide you through these steps to ensure your Web3 Influencer Marketing journey is successful and transformative.

Web3 Influencer Marketing Strategy Checklist

Improve your influencer management style with Blokpoint’s expert guidance through every crucial step:

Define Your Goals

Set your sights clear: Are you aiming to skyrocket brand visibility, ramp up user acquisition, or cultivate a thriving community? Define your mission to steer your campaign’s direction.

Identify Influencers

Handpick influencers who are more than famous figures; choose those who resonate with your vision and vibe with your audience.

Craft Authentic Partnerships

Forge actual, meaningful collaborations and partner with influencers who are genuine supporters of your Web3 project. Create connections that go beyond mere promotion.

Create Content

Collaborate closely with influencers to produce compelling, educative content and ideally in tune with your audience’s interests and needs.

Measure and Optimise

Keep a keen eye on how your campaign performs. Use accurate data to make intelligent tweaks and refinements, ensuring your strategy evolves and improves continuously.

With Blokpoint, it’s more than a campaign; you’re orchestrating a marketing symphony in the Web3 space.

What Social Media platforms do most influencers use?

Social media influencers utilise a diverse range of digital platforms to engage with their audience, and at Blokpoint, we’re well-versed in the specifics of each. 

The selection of social media platforms varies based on the influencer’s strengths and your target audience’s preferences. 

Here are some key social media platforms we can help you master:


Many Web3 influencers use YouTube to create innovative campaigns, from in-depth video content, tutorials to reviews. Marketing on this platform often includes a brief segment (1-2 minutes) dedicated to promoting a project.


Twitter is a hub for quick updates and lively discussions within the Web3 community.


Instagram is a prime choice for influencers focusing on visual content and storytelling.


Podcasts offer a platform for thorough discussions and interviews with industry experts, delving into the latest trends in Web3.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Web3 Influencer Marketing

How can I tell if my influencer marketing efforts are hitting the mark?

Track your triumphs using KPIs like how much your audience is engaging, the spike in your website traffic, the boost in conversions, and the growth of your community.

What's the price tag for collaborating with Web3 influencers?

The investment varies. It’s all about the influencer’s clout and credibility. Some might have a fixed price per post, while others could lean towards a profit-sharing model.

What legal stuff should I know when teaming up with influencers?

Pay attention to the legal side. Things like ensuring disclosures and staying in line with advertising laws are essential. Partner with influencers who are clued up about these crucial details.

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