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Dominate Google search results to attract potential customers looking for Web3 products or services like yours.

With the ever-growing adoption of Web 3.0, being found online is more crucial than ever. As more people search the internet for information about relevant products and services, you’ll need Web3 SEO to outsmart the competition and position yourself where your prospects are looking.

At Blokpoint, we can help you leverage the world’s biggest search engine to build trust and authority and achieve greater online visibility. By using Google to your advantage, you can attract precisely the type of clients you want, allowing you to build communities and increase product/service adoption.

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What is Web3 SEO? 

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a set of strategies and processes to improve the placement of websites on Google and other major search engines to attract organic traffic and leads. With a significant number of people discovering and accessing online content via organic search, appearing prominently on search result pages can help you increase the quality and quantity of web traffic to your site.

SEO for Web3 provides the perfect avenue for businesses and organisations like yours to reach their target audience. But beyond improving your placement on search result pages and helping you generate relevant traffic and leads, SEO is also about enhancing user experience and creating engagement.

Because your website is your online business card, it must be attractive, usable, and inviting. More importantly, it should contain the information your prospects expect to find. SEO encourages you to create the best representation of your business/projects online so visitors would be compelled to come back or stay long enough to join your community or invest in your projects.

The Importance of Web3 Search Engine Optimisation

Web 3.0 seeks to decentralise the internet so users can have equal access to content without relying on web gatekeepers: search engines, big tech companies, and social media sites. Because of this, some believe that SEO will have less impact with the advent of the internet’s future iteration.

However, SEO remains as important and relevant as ever with the expected launch of Web 3.0. Whether you’re an NFT developer, a crypto wallet provider, or your business is built on a blockchain, you’ll need to optimise your website for search engines to meet your marketing and business goals.

1. Build trust and authority

In the Web3 and blockchain industry, building trust, credibility, and authority is crucial. To ensure success, you must show your audience that you’re an industry expert. Showing up at the top of Google dramatically enhances your credibility as it tells users that you provide relevant and trustworthy industry information.

2. Create better brand awareness

Search engines are significantly more effective than social media or even paid ads in driving high-quality traffic to websites. Appearing prominently on search results enables you to create better brand awareness and attract more prospects looking for products/services similar to yours.

3. Future-proof your business

There’s no doubt that Web3 will significantly impact the digital world. The rise of AI technology, voice search, content clusters analysis, Web3 search engines, and the semantic web—these are just some of the innovations we at Blokpoint and the rest of the industry are excited about. With Web3 SEO, you can future-proof your business and prepare for what’s to come.

4. Overcome ad restrictions

Google has certain restrictions on advertising cryptos and similar products and services that use blockchain technology. However, with SEO, Web 3.0 projects like yours can still thrive. Because organic search drives the most website traffic, you can build better brand awareness and increase product/service adoption amidst these challenges.

How to Market Your Web 3.0 Project with SEO

Unlike Web2, Web3 focuses on building trust and ownership so users can make the most of peer-to-peer connectivity, open access to data, and permission-free content. As such, to successfully market your Web3 projects with SEO, you’ll need to:

  • Build and grow communities
  • Increase your organic search presence
  • Create social proof and trust within your niche/community

Achieving these three all boils down to one thing: having a keen knowledge and understanding of your target audience. Your audience is integral to your success. The more time you spend building a community around your projects, the more attention it will receive. And the bigger buzz you create, the more valuable and marketable your Web3 projects will be.

How to Create an Effective Web3 SEO Strategy

To build an effective SEO strategy, first, you must identify your target audience. Having a keen knowledge and understanding of who your prospects are will help you determine:

  • The keywords to optimise your website’s content and other essential off-page and on-page elements.
  • The type of content your audience is interested in.
  • Your audience’s pain points, thoughts, desires, and online habits.

However, understanding your audience is just a tiny step in a long and complicated process. If paid search is a sprint, then SEO is undoubtedly a marathon. You’ll need to invest significant time and effort into building a successful and profitable campaign to achieve your desired results.

At Blokpoint, we know that you’d rather focus on your Web3 projects than on understanding the intricacies of SEO. This is why we’d gladly take Web3 SEO off your hands so you can do what you love and do best. We will develop a strategy tailored to your specific needs so we can deliver results that matter to your business.

Our SEO team will perform various tasks and strategies that will help boost your website’s performance and make it easier for your prospects to find you online: These include:

  • Keyword research
  • Content strategy/optimisation
  • Website structure
  • Link building

Why Choose Blokpoint

At Blokpoint, we draw upon more than a decade of relevant digital marketing experience to help you leverage SEO for Web3 marketing. We have worked with countless businesses and organisations in different sectors and industries, allowing us to obtain and develop the skills and knowledge needed to provide you with SEO solutions that work.

Besides being SEO specialists, we are also passionate about Web3, cryptocurrency and blockchain and all the possibilities they can provide. This, along with our dedication to offering exceptional digital marketing services, makes us highly qualified and the best candidate to help you build better brand awareness, develop a solid community, and increase product/service adoption.

With our team, you can have peace of mind knowing that you’ll get results that will help take your Web3 projects to the next level.

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