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Gain an edge in the competitive cryptocurrency market with our SEO solutions.

With how popular and lucrative cryptocurrencies have become, more and more businesses and individuals are keen on investing in these digital assets to obtain significant ROI. As a result, the market has become over-saturated with plenty of companies providing blockchain, NFT, web3 and crypto services. With stiff competition, getting found by potential clients can be quite a challenge. Good thing we at Blokpoint offer cryptocurrency SEO solutions to help you stand above the rest.

Demystifying Crypto
Advertising Regulations

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Demystifying Crypto Advertising Regulations

The explosive growth of the cryptocurrency industry has been nothing short of remarkable. What started as a niche concept a little over a decade ago has evolved into a global phenomenon worth billions of dollars. Alongside this growth, the role of advertising in the crypto space has become increasingly prominent. From promoting new tokens and blockchain projects to educating the public about the benefits of decentralised finance, advertising plays a pivotal role in shaping the industry’s image and attracting new participants.

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What is Cryptocurrency SEO?

A recent Fidelity study revealed that seven out of ten institutional investors are likely to invest in digital assets despite price volatility. Furthermore, it showed that over 50% of 1,100 investors surveyed currently have digital investments, including cryptocurrencies.

As a crypto service provider, you’d certainly want to capitalise on the growing popularity and investment viability of cryptocurrencies. And with SEO, cryptocurrency firms like yours can make the most of the opportunities cryptos can provide.

To put it simply, cryptocurrency SEO is a set of techniques, strategies, and best practices aimed at improving your website’s performance and visibility on major search engines, such as Google. Appearing prominently on top of search result pages makes it easier for people wishing to invest in cryptocurrencies to find you online and subsequently enlist your services. This helps increase your chance of successfully building a community and establishing better brand recognition and increased product/service adoption.

Crypto SEO has two major types: onsite and offsite SEO. As the name implies, onsite SEO is the optimisation of your website’s various onsite elements, such as your web content, URLs, and meta tags. On the other hand, offsite SEO involves convincing other relevant websites to link to yours to increase your online authority.

At Blokpoint, our goal is to help you leverage SEO for cryptocurrency projects. This is why we offer a range of SEO solutions guaranteed to help increase your website’s performance and search rankings. These include but are not limited to:

Keyword Research

Keyword research is the first step towards developing a solid SEO strategy. It allows you to identify and analyse the search terms your target audience uses to find services similar to yours.

Besides helping you determine the target phrases to incorporate in your web content and use in link building, keyword research also enables you to identify:

  •   The content types and topics that would appeal to your target customers.
  •   Your prospects’ fears, thoughts, and desires, which are essential to building an effective crypto SEO campaign.

    The steps you need to take to optimise your website effectively and efficiently.

 Content Strategy and Optimisation

Content marketing and cryptocurrency SEO always go hand in hand. If your website has insufficient or missing content, it would be impossible for Google’s search bots to crawl and index your site correctly. When this happens, your website is less likely to show up on search result pages, making it harder for potential clients to visit and contact you.

Having highly optimised web content is vital to your success. Not only does it help you obtain a higher search ranking and generate quality web traffic, but it also enables you to provide visitors with valuable industry insights and information. In turn, this allows you to establish yourself as a thought leader and a distinguished cryptocurrency authority, enabling you to build a community and increase adoption.

Website Structure

Not everyone interested in investing in cryptocurrencies knows what they are and how they work. Some would-be investors are complete novices who require all the help and information they can get.

For this reason, our team at Blokpoint firmly believes that crypto SEO should be an integral part of your marketing arsenal. SEO promotes sound website structure, which enables you to present valuable web content in a way that is easy to digest and understand. It also makes your website easier to navigate, allowing prospects to quickly find the information they require.

 Having a website with a robust structure is certainly an asset to your company. It helps encourage prospects to stay onsite longer or return for more, providing you with plenty of time to convince them to join your community or try your services.

Link Building

A study of more than 1 million Google search results showed that backlinks have the most impact on a website’s SEO ranking. This only proves that if you want to be more visible on Google and other major search engines, developing an effective link building strategy should be an integral part of your overall cryptocurrency SEO campaign.

Also known as offsite SEO, link building is a set of strategies aimed at encouraging other websites to link to yours. These strategies include creating “linkable” assets, publishing guest posts, and reaching out to/collaborating with the who’s who of the crypto world. Incoming links essentially act as a “vote of confidence” from other sites, telling search engines you’re a reliable and trustworthy source of information.

Furthermore, link building enables well-established and high-ranking websites to “share” their domain authority with you. Not only does this help increase your site’s authority, but it also convinces Google and other search engines to give you a higher search ranking.

Technical Crypto SEO

As part of our cryptocurrency SEO services, our team at Blokpoint will also optimise the technical aspects of your website. This is to improve its performance and make it more mobile and user-friendly, amongst other necessary qualities.

For instance, a critical aspect of technical SEO is speeding up your website’s loading times. Recent studies revealed that web users are likely to leave your site if it takes more than three seconds to load. By improving your site’s loading speed, you can reduce your bounce rate and, more importantly, convince web visitors to stay long enough for you to convert them into clients.

Another vital part of Blokpoint’s technical crypto SEO solutions is enhancing your site’s security. Besides being a crucial Google ranking factor, improved web security assures your clients that their personal information and financial transactions are always safe and secure.

Importance of Cryptocurrency SEO

Thanks to SEO, cryptocurrency projects and companies like yours can have a leg up on the competition. When planned and implemented correctly, it enables you to take full advantage of the opportunities search engines can offer. And with Google being the go-to website for obtaining information about various goods and services, having a solid presence on the world’s biggest search engine can provide you with plenty of excellent opportunities to build brand awareness and grow your community.

If you’re still on the fence about SEO for cryptocurrency firms, here are several reasons a business like yours requires a highly optimised website to succeed.

Improve your reputation and credibility

Although SEO and public relations are different aspects of marketing, combining the two to maximise the results you obtain from each of them is possible.

For instance, link building encourages you to earn backlinks from high authority sites by finding opportunities for placement or coverage on relevant online publications, industry blogs, and other leading crypto websites. With good PR banking on convincing prominent industry leaders and influencers to talk about your business, this certainly provides you with the perfect opportunity.

Crypto SEO is more than just finding high-quality backlinks and incorporating the more relevant keywords into your website. It is also about fostering solid relationships with your users to encourage them to rate and review your services favourably.

Customer reviews and testimonials are integral to cryptocurrency SEO as they serve as trust signals for your potential users and community. Furthermore, they contribute to your search ranking and help increase your online visibility when used correctly.

Circumvent the ban on crypto and ICO ads

Google, Facebook, and other major digital players have banned paid ads promoting cryptocurrencies and initial coin offerings (ICO) to protect new investors. Although Google has finally allowed US-based crypto wallets registered with FinCEN to use online ads, many crypto companies are still struggling to get their services in front of potential customers without using paid search.

With paid search having potential restrictions on crypto businesses, organic search is an extremely effective way to reach your target audience and attract prospects. And as discussed earlier, the best and most effective way to generate high-quality organic web traffic is by having a robust crypto SEO strategy. With SEO, you can effectively promote your services, enjoy better online visibility, and generate brand awareness and adoption without relying on paid ads.

Promote your business non-stop

Unlike paid search and traditional marketing, cryptocurrency SEO does not stop promoting your services and driving traffic to your website. As long as you rank well for your focus keywords, you can obtain a steady flow of traffic 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can attract new site visitors anytime, increasing your chance of signing new users without burning your marketing budget on ineffective ads.

Attract the type of clients you want

Not many marketing strategies are as accurate as cryptocurrency SEO. Unlike outbound/traditional marketing, which is often intrusive and lets you promote your services to just about anyone (whether they are interested in cryptocurrencies or not), SEO enables you to target potential investors actively looking for your assistance and expertise.

Obtain better ROI

Return on investment is usually a top consideration when identifying the most effective marketing channel. The good news is that crypto SEO allows you to enjoy a significant ROI when implemented correctly.

While it takes time and effort to see notable results with SEO, the wait is certainly worth it. Leads obtained from organic traffic have a close rate of 14.6%, which is almost 12% greater than those from traditional marketing. Furthermore, the top result on Google obtains 33% of all organic traffic. This means getting a No. 1 position on Google guarantees significant web traffic for your site, increasing your chance of building a community and increasing product/service adoption.

Why Hire Blokpoint

Developing and running an effective and profitable crypto SEO campaign takes time and effort. This is why many successful cryptocurrency companies would rather hire an SEO specialist than do everything in-house.

If you’re looking for a cryptocurrency SEO agency you can trust, look no further than Blokpoint. We provide practical and reliable SEO solutions designed to take your crypto business to the next level. Here’s what makes us unique from the competition:

1. We are cryptocurrency SEO specialists

Today, there are dozens of marketing agencies offering SEO services. However, most of them do general or standard SEO. In comparison, we at Blokpoint are crypto SEO specialists. We offer digital marketing solutions developed to meet the specific needs and requirements of companies offering Web3, blockchain, and crypto services. This ensures the best possible results for your project.

2. We don’t take shortcuts

As a certified Google Partner agency, we at Blokpoint only use SEO best practices and strategies with the search giant’s seal of approval. We don’t rely on shortcuts or black hat tactics to deliver the results our clients want. Instead, we take a “consistent and steady” approach to cryptocurrency SEO to ensure optimum and long-lasting results for our clients.

3. We have the skills and experience

Our team draws upon years of relevant industry experience to provide our clients with exceptional SEO solutions. Having worked with and served many successful and highly satisfied business owners in the past, we are confident we can offer you the kind of services you’re looking for. Moreover, we continuously improve our skills and expertise, ensuring we are constantly updated with the latest crypto SEO techniques.

4. We offer bespoke services

At Blokpoint, we firmly believe that no two companies are exactly alike despite being in the same industry. This is why we don’t believe in providing cookie-cutter SEO services. We only offer bespoke cryptocurrency SEO solutions to meet your unique marketing needs.

5. We believe in what we do

We are very passionate about SEO and helping cryptocurrency firms benefit from the opportunities it offers. This is why we believe in what we do. We always practise what we preach. By choosing Blokpoint, you can rest assured that you’re in competent hands.

Let the SEO Specialists Take Your Crypto Business to the Next Level

With the intense competition and the restrictions on advertising crypto services, your project/company would undoubtedly benefit from a well-planned and well-executed SEO campaign. Providing you with greater online visibility, SEO allows you to obtain high-quality traffic and leads to ensure better brand awareness, increased adoptions, and more users.

If you’re ready to take your crypto project to the next level, contact us at Blokpoint. Our SEO specialists will create a digital marketing plan tailored for your firm.