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With NFTs being one of the hottest digital assets today, it’s no wonder that more and more people are showing interest in investing or creating their own collections. As a result, the market has become saturated, making it challenging for potential investors to notice your project. But do not fret. With NFT SEO, you can attract collectors and investors interested in collections similar to yours, allowing you to expand your audience, create more engagement, and improve adoption.

At Blokpoint, we have the skills and expertise to help you leverage Google’s global reach so you can target your ideal audience and position yourself exactly where they are looking. We can provide you with the bespoke SEO solutions you require to ensure your NFT project’s success.

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What is NFT SEO?

Despite being one of the hottest digital assets today, many NFT collections with excellent potential fail to generate sales, engagement, or both due to limited marketing. It also doesn’t help that many major advertisers shy away from NFT and crypto-related ads. But thanks to SEO, NFT projects like yours can gain the attention they rightfully deserve.

As the name implies, SEO for NFTs is search engine optimisation developed specifically for NFT-related websites. Similar to standard SEO, it consists of strategies and best practices designed to improve your placement on Google search results and increase your organic web traffic.

With more than 50% of users only clicking on the Top 3 Google results, being highly visible on the world’s largest search engine can give your NFT website a significant boost and increase your chances of converting visitors into followers or investors. However, NFT SEO is more than just helping you achieve better search rankings. It also involves building a better user experience and keeping your audience engaged.

This specific quality makes SEO a highly viable option for NFT marketing. Similar to cryptocurrencies and other related investment options, demand and the number of potential investors influence the value of NFTs. SEO can help you build and grow a community of fans and potential investors. This allows you to increase awareness and demand so you can transform your NFT projects into an excellent revenue stream.

Importance of SEO for NFTs

With limited and restrictive advertising opportunities, it can be challenging for NFT creators like you to promote your projects. But with SEO, you can:

1. Build trust and credibility

With the NFT niche being a relatively young industry, investors need the knowledge and reassurance that you’re someone they can trust. This is why you must be able to successfully showcase your industry knowledge and expertise to build your credibility and gain your audience’s trust. SEO can aid you in this endeavour. Appearing as a top search result is essentially a vote of confidence from Google, informing users that you’re an industry authority and a reliable and credible source of NFT insights and information.

2. Increase awareness

Nowadays, many NFT creators rely on social media to gain traction and ensure a successful project launch. While being active on social networking sites can help you attract followers and potential investors, studies have shown that search engines remain the most significant and reliable source of traffic for NFT websites. A considerable presence on search result pages can help you establish better brand awareness, making it easier for investors looking for NFTs within your niche to find you online.

3. Attract the audience you want

SEO is widely known for its pinpoint accuracy. It is one of the few marketing strategies that let you target specific audiences searching for what you offer. With NFT SEO, you can streamline your marketing campaigns, ensuring that every pound you spend on marketing goes to attracting the type of audience you want.

4. Outsmart the competition

Knowing how to set yourself apart from other creators effectively is key to finding success with NFTs. SEO is the tool that can help you outsmart and outlast the competition, allowing you to make the most of opportunities that may come your way.

How to Market Your NFTs with SEO

Your target audience is a crucial element of your SEO strategy. The more time and effort you spend developing a community around your projects, the more attention and engagement they will receive. In return, this can increase the value and viability of your NFT projects, making them more attractive to potential investors.

That being said, you will need to develop a keen understanding of your target audience. You should also identify how your projects would help fulfil your prospects’ needs. This would enable you to create an SEO campaign that can aid you in building and fostering communities, increasing your online visibility, and providing social proof that would help you gain your audience’s trust and continued patronage.

How to Create an Effective NFT SEO Strategy

As with any online marketing strategy, getting to know your audience is just the first step towards creating a successful SEO campaign. However, mastering SEO is not something you can do overnight, so you must invest significant time and effort to develop an effective and profitable optimisation strategy.

At Blokpoint, we know you’d rather focus on creating NFT projects you’re incredibly passionate about. This is why we will use our in-depth knowledge and experience to create the optimal SEO strategy so you can spend your time and energy expanding your NFT collection and growing your business.

As SEO experts with years of relevant marketing experience, we take a multi-faceted approach to optimising your NFT website to ensure lasting results. Our NFT SEO strategy includes:


  • Keyword research – Identify highly relevant keywords to target and optimise your website and online content for.
  • Content strategy/optimisation – Develop unique and well-research web content that helps increase your visibility and keep your audience engaged while allowing you to demonstrate your industry expertise.
  • Website structure – Enhance your website’s structure to improve its speed and usability while making it easier for Google’s search bots to crawl and index your web pages.
  • Link building – Build a robust link building strategy to help you obtain high-quality backlinks from reputable industry websites and publishers and increase your credibility and online authority.

Why Choose Blokpoint

Blokpoint comprises a team of online marketing specialists highly passionate about SEO and NFTs. We have over a decade of experience working with countless UK businesses, allowing us to develop the skills and expertise needed to deliver results that matter.

As marketing experts, we fully understand the unique needs of NFT creators like you. Rather than provide cookie-cutter NFT SEO services, we will take the time to know your goals and requirements. This would enable us to provide bespoke optimisation solutions to ensure the best possible outcome for your NFT website and projects.

Start seeing excellent results with SEO for NFTs

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