NFT Google Ads

Leverage Google’s wide reach to grow your audience and boost NFT adoption.

At Blokpoint, we’ll help you take advantage of Google’s global reach to attract highly targeted audiences for your NFT collection, ensuring their growth and increased adoption. Through NFT Google Ads, you can reach collectors and investors interested in NFT projects similar to yours, allowing you to generate more engagement, increase sales, and obtain a better ROI.

What are NFT Google Ads?

With sales reaching over $3 billion, NFTs are amongst the hottest digital assets today. However, it is a sad truth that plenty of NFT collections with great potential fail to get any sales or engagement because of insufficient or poor marketing.

Good thing Google Ads for NFT are there to help you create a buzz around your project and showcase it to those looking.

Historically, Google Ads has helped countless businesses and marketers promote their products or services to a bigger audience. It also enables them to build trust and increase brand awareness, amongst others, by driving relevant traffic and leads to their respective websites. Paid ads appear at the top of Google as sponsored search results, as well as in other websites and apps that are part of the search giant’s expansive online network, giving your NFTs tons of exposure.

Google Ads is a viable and highly effective marketing platform for your collection because you only spend money when someone clicks on your advertisements. Furthermore, there is no specific amount of money you need to shell out to start advertising on Google. You also get to decide when and where your ads will appear, giving you complete control over your marketing campaigns.

Its pinpoint accuracy is one of the qualities that make Google Ads a perfect companion for SEO. By supplementing your SEO campaign with Google Ads, NFT, crypto and web3 projects like yours can enjoy greater visibility, translating to more potential buyers and larger profits.

How to Create Effective NFT Google Ads

Having a keen understanding of your audience is just a single step in a long and complex process. To create highly effective Google Ads for NFT projects, you will need to identify the keywords your prospects use to find NFT collections similar to yours. Then, you must incorporate these search terms into your ads and landing pages to increase their draw and relevance.

This may sound simple enough, but trust us, it’s quite the opposite. Any search marketing expert will tell you it’s impossible to master Google Ads overnight, let alone obtain the knowledge and skills to make your ads highly effective and profitable.

At Blokpoint, we know that you’d rather focus on expanding your NFT collection and finding potential investors than spend most of your time and energy crafting the perfect ad for your project. This is why our team is happy to develop and manage your NFT Google Ads on your behalf so you can focus more on the creative and business side of things.

We take pride in delivering results to our clients, so we’ll take a holistic and multi-faceted approach to creating a PPC marketing strategy for your NFTs. As part of our Google Ads NFT solutions, we will perform a series of tasks that will enable your prospects to find you quickly online. Our paid search marketing strategies include:


  • Keyword research
  • Competitor ads analysis
  • Ad content optimisation
  • Creating different types of ads
  • Remarketing

Types of NFT Paid Search Options

With NFT Google Ads, you have plenty of options to let the world know about your creations. But no matter your advertising preferences, we at Blokpoint are always ready to lend you our expertise and help you develop the best Google Ads strategy to meet your marketing and business goals.

Display Ads

Build excitement around your NFTs to increase demand. Display Ads and NFTs are a match made in heaven as they let you showcase your collection via visually engaging ads to users across more than 2 million sites, videos, and apps that are part of Google’s massive Display Network.

Dynamic Search Ads

Generate bespoke ad titles and content based on your web content and your target audience’s online history with Dynamic Search Ads, allowing you to attract high-quality leads and create successful conversions.

Remarketing Ads

Attract highly relevant traffic and leads by targeting users who have already visited your site and viewed your collection. Promoting NFTs to users who have previously interacted with your brand enables you to increase conversions and generate more sales.

YouTube Ads

Leverage the world’s biggest video-sharing site to promote your NFTs and gain more online exposure. A haven for crypto and NFT enthusiasts, YouTube is rife with excellent marketing opportunities for your business.

Why Blokpoint

With more than a decade of relevant digital marketing experience, we at Blokpoint have the skills and knowledge to help you take advantage of Google’s global reach to promote your NFTs. Our team has worked with countless businesses and organisations across different industries, allowing us to develop our expertise and provide you with digital marketing solutions that will help elevate your business.

We are also passionate about Web3 and Blockchain and all the possibilities they can offer. This, along with our commitment to providing outstanding services, makes us highly effective at helping you build trust, more online exposure, and better brand awareness. With Blokpoint, you can rest assured that your NFT Google Ads are highly optimised to deliver results that matter.

Leverage Google Ads to Build Excitement for Your NFTs

Create a strong buzz around your NFTs to beef up demand and increase their value and adoption. Request a free Google Ads proposal today.