Blockchain Gaming SEO

Leverage SEO to gain trust, increase exposure, and build a community of active users around your Blockchain gaming projects.

With the Blockchain gaming industry still in its relative infancy, finding active users is one of the biggest challenges for many game developers like yourselves. It’s a good thing that Blockchain gaming SEO can help you create brand recognition, gain more exposure, and enhance service/product adoption.

At Blokpoint, we can offer you the optimisation solutions you need to reach prospects searching for exciting and innovative play-to-earn games like yours. This allows you to build a solid community around your projects, increasing their playability and marketability.

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What is SEO for Blockchain Gaming?

SEO, or search engine optimisation, is the process of improving various elements of your website to enhance its placement on search result pages. With organic search being the most reliable source of high-quality web traffic, the first page of Google is where you want to be to attract the attention of potential users.

As many mainstream gamers are still unfamiliar with play-to-earn games, your first order of business is to disseminate relevant information and educate your target audience about Blockchain gaming. SEO is the perfect tool to help you achieve this goal.

Appearing prominently on the world’s biggest search engine makes it easier for interested gamers to find you. This allows you to create awareness and build trust, compelling web visitors to return or stay long enough on your site to learn more about you and eventually sign up.

SEO is more than just helping you rank on Google. It also focuses on creating the best online representation of your Blockchain game to increase engagement and provide web visitors with an outstanding user experience.

Importance of SEO for Your Blockchain Gaming Projects

As you know, the internet is saturated with all types of games. With stiff competition, it can be a tough challenge for your target audience to distinguish your project from the others. If you don’t want your project buried under hundreds of mediocre play-to-win and play-to-earn games, you should optimise your website for Google and other major search engines. Here’s why:

1. Build trust and credibility

Behind a successful game is a supportive and highly engaged community. However, your target audience is less likely to trust you if they do not know who you are and what you can offer. Securing a top placement on Google is akin to receiving a vote of confidence from the search giant, telling people that you’re an industry authority and a reliable source of gaming services and information.

2. Earn brand recognition

Social media is effective at driving visits to your site and fostering interaction amongst gamers, developers, and other like-minded individuals. However, organic search remains the most reliable source of high-quality web traffic. Showing up at the top of Google increases your online visibility and builds better brand awareness, making it easier for your target audience to find you.

3. Drive highly targeted traffic to your site

SEO is widely known for its pinpoint accuracy. Using relevant keywords or search terms in your web content, you can target specific audiences, significantly increasing the quality of your web traffic and leads. With SEO, you can improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your online marketing campaigns, allowing you to attract the precise type of audience you want.

4. Establish a solid community

Creating web content your target audience finds exciting and engaging is a surefire way to build and develop a solid gaming community. SEO equips you with the strategies and best practices for making your content offerings more compelling and highly visible online. It also encourages you to build better relationships with your existing audience so they would be open to reviewing or leaving positive feedback about your games and recommending them to other gamers.

How to Market Blockchain Games with SEO

To market your Blockchain games with SEO, you should prioritise:

  • Building and developing communities
  • Being highly visible on organic search result pages
  • Providing social proof to gain your community’s trust
  • Investing in a robust content strategy

Finding success with SEO marketing hinges on knowing and understanding your target audience. Thorough knowledge of your prospects allows you to determine the keywords to optimise your website and the type of web content your audience finds exciting and engaging. More importantly, it helps you identify your prospects’ gaming and online habits, demographics, and projects that interest them, amongst others.


How to Build an Effective SEO Strategy for Your Project

It takes a multifaceted approach to create an SEO strategy that can help increase your project’s online visibility and adoption. Knowing your audience is just the first step in a long and complicated process. As such, you’ll need to carry out the following tasks to improve your site’s performance, boost your rankings, and earn brand recognition:

  • Keyword research
  • Content strategy/optimisation
  • Website structure
  • Link building

At Blokpoint, we know that you’d rather focus on game development than marketing. This is why we’re happy to optimise your website on your behalf so you can pursue Blockchain gaming projects that excite you.

Our SEO specialists will carefully develop and implement an online marketing strategy tailored to your specific needs and requirements to ensure results that matter the most to your business. We will carry out the above-mentioned tasks and more to help you meet your marketing and business goals.

Why Choose Blokpoint

It can be challenging to introduce the relatively new concept of Blockchain or play-to-earn games, especially to an audience that’s more familiar with play-to-win games. However, our team at Blokpoint is certainly up to the challenge. Like you, we are very passionate about Blockchain technology and its possibilities. We’re more than thrilled to join you in this endeavour and lend you our expertise so you can showcase your gaming projects to the world.

At Blokpoint, we have a team of digital marketing experts with more than a decade of relevant experience. We have worked with countless businesses and organisations across multiple industries, allowing us to obtain and develop the skills, knowledge, and expertise required to provide you with top-notch SEO services. We’re also a certified Google Partner Agency, so you can rest assured that we use only the latest Google-approved strategies.

Let the SEO Experts Assist You

With SEO, you can build better brand awareness and a strong community that can help improve your Blockchain gaming project’s adoption. Get in touch with us today to request a free proposal.