Blockchain Bulletin: August 2023

True Secures Funding to Unlock Brands Potential with NFTs

Digital marketing platform True has announced a significant strategic investment round aimed at scaling their NFT engagement tools designed for brands.

Led by prominent venture capital firms, the funding will empower True to further develop their tools, enabling brands to effectively interact with the expanding NFT market. The company aims to establish a strong connection between brands and the NFT ecosystem, facilitating seamless engagement.

This move underscores the growing importance of NFTs in the realm of marketing, with True positioning itself to provide innovative solutions for brands seeking to leverage the NFT landscape. The investment is set to accelerate True’s efforts in offering enhanced NFT engagement and utilization for businesses.


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Gala Games and Elixir Games Forge a New Era of Interactive Entertainment

Gala Games and Elixir Games have united to redefine the landscape of Web3 gaming, propelling players from passive participants to active creators.

With Gala’s blockchain expertise and Elixir’s immersive gameplay, this partnership aims to seamlessly integrate NFT technology, empowering players to truly own and shape the virtual worlds they inhabit.

This collaboration heralds a gaming revolution where engagement knows no bounds, and players become architects of dynamic digital realms, marking an extraordinary milestone in the evolution of interactive entertainment.

Avark Agency, Designing The Future For Web3 Natives

Avark Agency is one of the first web design agencies to specialise in the web3 space.

Previously known as “Sequence”, their client-centric approach focuses on understanding individual brand needs, resulting in tailor-made solutions that resonate with target audiences and deliver tangible results.

A quick look at their impressive 2023 showreel and it’s clear to see why brands are choosing Avark to help them navigate and thrive in the Web3 world.

With experience working with  DeFi, NFT and Metaverse projects, we’re confident Avarks team will have an influential impact on many more brands embarking on their Web3 adventure.

Learning Through Play: Care Bears and Open Campus Introduce Climate Change Games on the TinyTap Platform

Open Campus has collaborated with the beloved Care Bears franchise to develop engaging and educational games using the TinyTap platform.
The partnership will delve into creative methods to elevate the educational journey through the utilization of NFTs.

Open Campus’ Publisher NFTs, designed to tokenize content, will contribute to this initiative.

The partnership aims to raise awareness about environmental issues among children and young learners. By leveraging the iconic Care Bears characters, Open Campus creates a fun and interactive learning experience that educates players about the importance of sustainability and taking care of the planet. and BitsCrunch Join Forces to Redefine NFT Investments, a leading platform in the NFT sector, has announced a strategic collaboration with BitsCrunch, an innovator in secure NFT investments.

This partnership aims to redefine the NFT investment landscape by combining’s expertise in NFTs with BitsCrunch’s cutting-edge security solutions. Together, they plan to provide a seamless and secure environment for investors to participate in the rapidly evolving NFT market, ensuring the protection of assets and fostering confidence in NFT investment ventures.

This collaboration highlights the commitment of both companies to drive the growth and legitimacy of NFT investments through technological innovation and robust security measures.

Step into the Future of Social Networks with Peer

The 3D social network that has now been launched, providing users with a unique and immersive online experience. Peer offers a virtual space where individuals can connect, interact, and communicate in a three-dimensional environment. This innovative platform combines social networking with cutting-edge technology, enabling users to create avatars, explore virtual worlds, and engage with others in real-time.

Peer’s launch marks a significant step in the evolution of social networking, offering a new dimension of connectivity and engagement for users seeking a more immersive online community.

WhiteBIT Exchange Debuts Its Own Blockchain

WhiteBIT Crypto Exchange has unveiled its own blockchain, marking a significant milestone for the exchange.

This innovative development enhances the exchange’s capabilities, allowing for faster and more efficient transactions. The new blockchain also enables users to create and deploy their own tokens, fostering greater flexibility and customization within the platform. With this launch, WhiteBIT further solidifies its position as a forward-thinking player in the crypto industry, offering enhanced features and opportunities for its users.

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