4 Dec, 2023

Blockchain Bulletin: DECEMBER 2023

Hands-On Learning: Future3 Campus and TON Foundation’s Innovative Blockchain Bootcamp

Future3 Campus and TON Foundation have jointly announced the upcoming launch of a bootcamp, signalling a collaboration to promote blockchain education.

This partnership aims to offer an immersive learning experience in blockchain technology, catering to students and enthusiasts eager to delve into the intricacies of decentralised systems.

The bootcamp is poised to equip participants with extensive knowledge about blockchain and its applications, providing hands-on training and fostering a deeper understanding of this innovative technology. 


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Unlocking Potential: R100K’s Innovative Model for Crypto Investment Success

The platform R100K is revolutionising the landscape of crypto investment by providing a unique approach to financial growth.

It introduces an innovative model that merges the benefits of traditional savings plans with the potential for high returns inherent in cryptocurrencies.

R100K aims to empower users by offering a strategic, disciplined, and diversified investment scheme while harnessing the growth opportunities within the crypto market. Through a systematic and long-term investment strategy, R100K endeavours to make crypto investment accessible and feasible for a broader range of users, ultimately transforming the way people engage with digital assets.

Pioneering the Ownership Economy in Web3 Social Networking with Sleek

Sleek, a Web3 social network, has raised $5 million in a seed round to fuel the ownership economy and introduce blockchain-based social media to a broader audience.

Launched in April 2023, Sleek aims to transform networking by offering a platform that simplifies connection-building, promotes community growth, and enables users to monetize their content through Web3 Social Finance models.

Their flagship product, Sleek Card, facilitates in-person networking by creating blockchain wallets and decentralised identities for users. With partnerships in various events, Sleek Card has facilitated over 300,000 connections. The company plans to launch a knowledge marketplace in 2024, empowering experts to tokenize their expertise. 

Democratizing Real Estate: Bixos Estate’s Game-Changing Tokenization Platform

Bixos Inc. is set to launch Bixos Estate, a groundbreaking platform revolutionising property investment through tokenization.

This innovative initiative aims to democratise real estate ownership by allowing individuals to buy fractional shares in properties, transforming traditional assets into digital tokens.

Central to this venture is Bixos Inc.’s UBXS token, serving as both a utility token and an investment tool within the platform. Users can stake, access VIP levels, and enjoy exclusive perks, including early property investment access and discounts on maintenance payments.

Bixos Estate represents a shift in the real estate industry through tokenization and digital ownership.

From Web2 to Web3: READYgg & Aptos Labs’ Journey Towards Mass Adoption

READYgg has partnered with Aptos Labs to onboard a massive 15 million Web2 players into the Web3 gaming space.

Utilising the robust Aptos blockchain for seamless gameplay, this collaboration aims to migrate millions of existing Web2 gamers to Web3, providing early access to new releases starting December 6.

READYgg has already secured partnerships with over 20 major Web2 publishers, planning to bring at least four publishers onto the Aptos blockchain by year-end, with more to follow in 2024.

Aptos Labs’ expertise aims to ensure a smooth transition for Web2 gamers to Web3 without a steep learning curve. This partnership is seen as a pivotal move in bridging the gap between traditional gaming and the evolving Web3 gaming landscape, aiming to democratise access to Web3 gaming and drive mass adoption.

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