10 Jun, 2024

Blockchain Bulletin: JUNE 2024

SmarDex.io Unveils USDN and Cross-Chain Innovations in Latest AMA

The second AMA session by SmarDex.io’s founders provided updates, including the introduction of USDN, a fully decentralised synthetic dollar designed to be an alternative to traditional stablecoins. 

They also highlighted key innovations such as their acclaimed swap module and cross-chain update. This improves user experience by enabling seamless token swaps across different blockchains. Strategic partnerships with major DeFi platforms and new community engagement initiatives were also discussed.


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JayX Protocol’s New DEX is a Game-Changer for Cross-Chain Trading and Governance

JayX Protocol launched a decentralised asset exchange (DEX) where users have complete control, security, and transparency. 

The JayX DEX combines the seamless experience of centralised exchanges with the security of decentralised ones, supporting cross-chain trading and MPC technology. Key features include permissionless asset listing, token-centric governance, and multi-regional compliance. 

The platform uses $SEED and $JAY tokens for utility and governance, respectively. A beta version is available, with a full launch expected in Q4 2024.

GaiaNet Unveils Beta Product – A Decentralized AI with Enhanced Privacy Features

GaiaNet launched its beta product after a successful Alpha phase, which saw high engagement on Telegram, Discord, and X. The beta focuses on ease of node setup, aiming to democratise access to decentralised AI infrastructure. Key features include a user-friendly interface and enhanced functionalities for 2024. 

GaiaNet’s initiatives emphasise privacy, collaboration, and data bias resistance. Early adopters are invited to participate in interactive campaigns and beta testing.

Telega.io Integrates Notcoin Crypto Payments for Telegram Ads

Telega.io has integrated Notcoin, enhancing Telegram advertising by enabling cryptocurrency payments. This integration aims to streamline ad campaigns, offering seamless transactions and increased flexibility for advertisers.

Notcoin’s blockchain-based system ensures transparency and security, catering to the growing demand for crypto solutions in digital marketing. This move positions Telega.io at the forefront of advertising platforms, using blockchain technology to provide efficient and secure services for their users.

Unite Supports Web3 Gaming with Cutting-Edge Infrastructure and $2 Million Airdrop

Unite is pioneering Web3 gaming with its $2 million in-game airdrop campaign. This initiative aims to enhance player engagement and reward participation within the blockchain gaming ecosystem. Unite’s technology supports the integration of decentralised applications to promote a more immersive and rewarding gaming experience. 

The airdrop campaign is expected to attract a large number of gamers, driving widespread adoption and innovation in the Web3 gaming industry. 

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