Blockchain Bulletin: May 2023

Merov Unveils an Array of Services for the Bitcoin Mining Sector

Merov introduced a groundbreaking suite of services for the Bitcoin mining industry, consisting of Merov Hosting, Rejuvit Systems by Merov, and Merov Marketplace.

These services aim to revolutionize Bitcoin mining by addressing the industry’s challenges head-on. Merov Hosting provides top-notch colocation facilities with exceptional performance, reliability, and security. 

Rejuvit Systems offers high-quality parts distribution and ASIC repair services, minimizing downtime and optimizing the lifespan of mining equipment. 

The highly anticipated Merov Marketplace, set to launch in Q3 2023, will transform due diligence, asset sales, distribution, and procurement processes for Bitcoin miners.

With impressive achievements in closed deals and ASIC processing, Merov solidifies its position as an industry leader and aims to drive growth and innovation in the Bitcoin mining sector. 

With a team of passionate professionals and a commitment to excellence, Merov invites the Bitcoin mining community to join their extraordinary journey towards unprecedented success.


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Dispersion Capital Ignites Web3 Innovation with $40M Fund for Next-Gen Infrastructure

Dispersion Capital, a venture capital firm, has burst onto the scene with a $40 million fund to support Web3 infrastructure startups.

Their goal is to take Web3 to new heights, and in their own words they “Invest in technology before it’s obvious”.

They’re seeking to invest in cutting-edge infrastructure projects that can handle the complexities of a multichain, multi-currency, and multi-platform world. Their focus is on areas like fintech, gaming, security, and data management.

Patrick Chang, the founder of Dispersion Capital, emphasizes the need for robust infrastructure to unleash the potential of developers and enable groundbreaking applications. They want to go beyond just protocols and networks, addressing challenges in onboarding, scalability, and security.

Dispersion Capital’s vision aligns with the “Dispersion Economy,” aiming to spread the benefits of decentralized technology throughout the ecosystem, empowering Web3 builders and developers by funding the essential tech layers for a decentralized future. With their experienced team and support from key players in the industry, Dispersion Capital is set to be an influential player in the next generation of web3 infrastructure, paving the way for a functional, accessible, and scalable decentralized economy.

Symmetry Rolls Out a Game-changing Platform for Decentralized Crypto Indices

Symmetry has launched its User Interface on the Solana blockchain, marking a significant milestone for decentralized finance (DeFi).

The platform aims to revolutionize portfolio management in the crypto space by offering a comprehensive solution for creating, managing, buying, and selling crypto indices and actively managed funds. 

Built on Solana, Symmetry is a decentralized infrastructure layer powered by the Symmetry Engine. It covers various aspects of asset management, including on-chain funds, indices, liquidity pools, and liquidity routing between indices and decentralized exchange (DEX) aggregators.

The platform provides opportunities for both fund managers and users, allowing managers to create and manage funds with customizable rules and users to create their own actively managed funds or indices.

Additionally, Symmetry’s liquidity provision feature enables funds to act as liquidity providers on DEX aggregators, generating fees for fund managers and holders.

The platform has a wide range of use cases, including decentralized index fund apps, fund management apps, treasury management tools, retail onboarding apps, copy-trading apps, and investing apps. 

We’re well onboard with Symmetry’s vision of a future where anyone can easily create and manage index funds, implement portfolio strategies, convert portfolios into funds, and seamlessly integrate index or actively managed fund tokens for trading.

Sensorium Reveals Sensorium Arc: A State-of-the-Art Decentralized Platform for the Web3 Era

Sensorium, the Swiss tech developer behind the Sensorium Galaxy metaverse, has announced the development of Sensorium Arc. 

This decentralized platform aims to host both company-owned and third-party Web3 products and assets, offering enhanced functionalities and monetization opportunities. Sensorium Arc seeks to unlock new tokenomics opportunities and expand the use cases of Sensorium’s NFT assets.

Sensorium Arc aims to provide a platform for Web3 developers to launch and test their assets in a pre-existing environment with access to a broad user base.

With a commitment to shaping the future of the Web3 industry, Sensorium aims to create a more decentralized and equitable digital future.

Through collaborations with top technology and entertainment partners, Sensorium remains at the forefront of advancements in virtual reality, AI, and Web3 technologies.

All growing industries that we’re certain will change the world in the coming years.

Lottoday, the Web3 Gaming Platform, Set to Launch with a 1M USDT Guaranteed Jackpot

Lottoday, a groundbreaking global gaming platform, is set to revolutionize the cross-border online gaming industry using blockchain and Web3 technology.

Addressing the challenges of limited accessibility in the international lottery market, Lottoday aims to break geographical barriers and create a more inclusive gaming experience.

With a 1 Million USDT guaranteed jackpot, Lottoday seeks to be the biggest decentralised Web 3 gaming platform on the planet.

By leveraging decentralized technology, Lottoday offers greater transparency, fairness, and security compared to traditional lotteries.

The platform’s blockchain-based infrastructure ensures a level playing field for participants and opens up the lottery market to a much larger pool of potential players. To kick start its launch, Lottoday conducted a special presale event, allowing participants to secure Gaming Hub NFTs that grant them a share of the platform’s revenue.

This unique approach gives players a stake in the platform’s success and enhances their engagement with the lottery experience. A fantastic example of NFT’s with true business utility.

With many of our team having experience in the gaming industry, we’re keeping a close eye on Lottoday with it being a brand new project.

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