16 May, 2024

Blockchain Bulletin: MAY 2024

UXLINK Empowers Community with Exclusive Airdrop Voucher NFTs

UXLINK has launched a limited community sale for its airdrop voucher NFTs, marking a significant advancement in the blockchain and crypto industry. This initiative allows users to access exclusive NFTs, rewarding early supporters and fostering a community around UXLINK’s platform. 

The airdrop vouchers democratise access to valuable NFTs, encouraging broader community participation. This move reflects UXLINK’s dedication to a decentralised, inclusive financial ecosystem while taking advantage of the popularity of NFTs.


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Sense Chain Introduces Time as Currency in Revolutionary Digital Ecosystem

Sense Chain has launched a digital network where time is the primary asset, allowing users to monetise their time. The platform offers business tools, including user profiles for both individuals and companies – a SaaS sense contract system and high-speed global payments through Arllecta Pay. 

Future plans include:

  • Integrating with global and local marketplaces.
  • AI applications for medical diagnostics.
  • Creating a comprehensive digital business environment.

Sense Chain aims to build a decentralised world where users can work, shop, and socialise digitally.

Surf Protocol Ascends as Leading Perpetual DEX on Bitcoin Layer 2

Surf Protocol has emerged as the leading perpetual decentralised exchange (DEX) on Bitcoin Layer 2, achieving over $200 million in total trading volume and surpassing $30 million in Total Value Locked (TVL). Recognised by Binance Labs’ MVB program, Surf Protocol offers solutions, such as Bitcoin-denominated vaults with zero impermanent loss and BTC collateral for trades. 

This innovation has propelled its growth, attracting a user base and securing $5 million in funding. Surf Protocol’s initiatives focus on rewarding traders and liquidity providers, fostering a thriving decentralised finance ecosystem.

Seeds Labs Secures $12M Seed Funding to Develop Bladerite on Solana

Web3 game Bladerite developer Seeds Labs has secured $12 million in seed funding. This financing, supported by notable investors such as Avalanche’s Blizzard Fund and Solana Foundation, will enable Seeds Labs to build the game on the Solana blockchain. 

Bladerite is a multi-platform melee battle royale game. It aims to democratise game economics to ensure fair revenue for developers and enjoyable experiences for players. Seeds Labs also wants to lower barriers for Web2 players and foster a player-centric community.

DECIMATED – A Post-Apocalyptic World with Blockchain-Driven Gameplay

DECIMATED, developed by Fracture Labs, offers a 3rd person PvP and PvE experience in a post-apocalyptic world. Players navigate a landscape where they battle mutants, salvaging technology and building alliances or rivalries. 

The game integrates a digital economy using the DIO token on the Solana blockchain, rewarding players for in-game actions. Supported by 46 investors and an Epic Mega Grant, DECIMATED has a growing community, with plans for an open alpha in late 2024 and a listing on the Epic Games Store.

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