Blockchain Bulletin: October 2023

Wirex and Polygon: A Game-Changing Partnership for Crypto Platform Scalability

Wirex, a well-known crypto platform, has selected Polygon’s Chain Development Kit (CDK) to construct its upcoming App Chain.

This strategic decision is set to bring scalability, flexibility, and efficiency to Wirex’s ecosystem. By leveraging Polygon’s CDK, Wirex aims to enhance the performance and user experience of its platform, which offers services like crypto payments and investments.

This partnership signifies Wirex’s commitment to staying at the forefront of blockchain technology and providing its users with a seamless and feature-rich experience.


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PLAYA3ULL GAMES Introduces Nexus: The Future of Multiplayer Gaming

PLAYA3ULL GAMES, an innovative gaming company, connecting exciting gameplay with state-of-the-art technology. They recently unveiled Nexus, a third-person Multiplayer Online Battle Arena.

Nexus is a promising addition to the gaming world, offering innovative gameplay and exciting features.

Nexus goes beyond being a mere game; it represents a revolution. Through its empowering features that allow players to create their weapons, abilities, and equipment, NEXUS guarantees an entirely distinct gaming journey tailored to each player’s unique playstyle.

Web3 Evolution: How HyperNova by Supra is Reshaping Decentralised Technology

Supra, a prominent blockchain firm specializing in Oracle and Verifiable Random Function (VRF) solutions, has unveiled its latest innovation, HyperNova.

Hypernova, eliminates the necessity for centralized Web3 bridges, marking a significant advancement in decentralized technology.

This innovation revolutionises how users connect with blockchain networks by enabling seamless, peer-to-peer interaction without relying on intermediaries or centralised gateways.

Hypernova’s breakthrough approach signifies a pivotal step toward a more decentralised and user-centric Web3 ecosystem, offering enhanced security, efficiency, and accessibility for blockchain enthusiasts and developers alike.

FreeName’s $2.45 Million Seed Funding: A Boost for Web3 Advancements

FreeName, a prominent platform in the Web3 domain and TLD (Top-Level Domain) space, has successfully secured $2.45 million in a seed funding round.

This significant investment will fuel FreeName’s efforts to expand its innovative services in the blockchain and decentralised web sectors.

With this funding, FreeName is well-positioned to continue its mission of advancing Web3 technologies and domain services, aiming to provide users with even more robust and secure solutions in the evolving digital landscape.

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