1 Feb, 2024

Blockchain Bulletin: FEBRUARY 2024

Bitcoin ETFs

The recent approval of spot bitcoin ETFs on January 10, 2024, marks a significant development within the Cryptocurrency space.
It opens the door to broader mainstream adoption, particularly among institutional investors, providing regulatory legitimacy and oversight that may lead to increased acceptance of cryptocurrencies in the coming years.

With major players like Blackrock and Fidelity participating in this space, this may be the stamp of approval Bitcoin needed, to be seen as a mainstream asset rather than a fringe speculation.


How to Leverage Google’s Algorithm to Secure Long-term Success

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Bitget and Lionel Messi’s Celebratory Journey in Crypto

Bitget, a leading cryptocurrency exchange, is celebrating its second year of partnership with Lionel Messi with the launch of a new #MakeItCount brand film.

The film highlights Messi’s journey and emphasises shared values of perseverance and continuous improvement.

To mark the occasion, Bitget is hosting a competition with a $20,000 prize pool in BGB tokens and Inter Miami match tickets. Bitget also plans to organise Football Challenge events in emerging markets and explore charity collaborations through its CSR initiative, Blockchain4Youth. The partnership, established in October 2022, positions Bitget as Messi’s exclusive crypto exchange partner. 


The World’s First Blockchain Native Domain: .Box

Introducing .box, the world’s first blockchain native, DNS routable domain by My.box Inc.

The Public Beta, starting January 18th, 2024, offers decentralised ownership and a seamless Web3 and Web2 identity experience, integrating with browsers, email, and wallets.

Unlike other blockchain domains, .box is ICANN-accredited, globally recognized, and collaborates with partners like 3DNS and ENS Labs.

The Rise of SocialFi: Focus App Secures $20 Million for a Blockchain Revolution

DeSo-backed SocialFi app, Focus, raised $20 million in under 24 hours to revolutionise social media and the creator economy.

Built on the DeSo blockchain, Focus combines features from Patreon and others, introducing decentralised ownership, secure identity, and unique crypto-native monetization.

With plans to support major platforms at launch, Focus aims to scale to billions of users, reshaping the landscape of decentralised social media.


Immutable and Axelar Forge a Path to Web3 Gaming Interoperability

Immutable has partnered with Axelar for a canonical bridge to Ethereum, enhancing Web3 gaming interoperability.

This collaboration allows game studios to onboard players across 50+ blockchains, improving liquidity through new funding channels.

Axelar facilitates direct access between Ethereum and Immutable’s zkEVM chain, providing low-cost transactions, scalability, and Ethereum-level security for gaming applications. 

Key benefits include streamlined user onboarding, seamless asset bridging, and cross-chain scalability. The integration expands Axelar’s interoperability ecosystem, contributing to the evolution of decentralised gaming and metaverse environments.

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