10 Apr, 2023

How to Market Blockchain Projects: Advice to Supercharge Your Project

What is blockchain marketing

Blockchain is an innovative technology that is shaking up the business world, but how do you market it?  

If you’re here, it means you’re serious about your blockchain projects and how to make it the next big thing. Grab a cup and get ready to learn how to market blockchain projects and supercharge them.  

In this blog, we’ll explore the exciting ways that marketing blockchain projects can give you a competitive edge. From search engine optimisation (SEO) to hosting virtual events, we’ll cover it all.     

Understanding marketing for blockchain 

What is marketing  for blockchain, and how can it help your blockchain project? First, It’s important to understand your target audience and how your blockchain project can benefit them. What problems can your project solve for them? How can it make their lives easier? These are the important questions to consider when developing your marketing strategy. 

Next, it’s essential to create a clear and concise message about your project. What makes it unique? What sets it apart from other blockchain projects? Communicate this message through your branding, messaging, and content marketing.    

Another key part of marketing your blockchain project is building a strong community. Use social media platforms, forums, and events to connect with your target audience to build a community of supporters. Encourage them to share their experience and feedback. Listen to their concerns and suggestions. This will not only help you build a loyal following, but it will also provide valuable insights for improving your project.

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box with your marketing approach. Blockchain technology is still relatively new, and there are many untapped opportunities for creative marketing strategies. Consider leveraging SEO, influencer marketing, creating an engaging digital experience, or hosting virtual events to build hype and generate interest in your project.   

What are the benefits of marketing your blockchain project?

Marketing is an essential aspect of any successful business, and blockchain projects are no exception. Marketing your project can provide benefits including:

1. Increased visibility 

Marketing your blockchain project can help you reach a wider audience and increase brand awareness. This can lead to more users, investors, and partnerships.

2. Establishing credibility 

Effective marketing can help you prove credibility in the industry. By communicating the benefits of your blockchain project, you can build trust with potential users and investors. In the crypto industry, where the risk of scams and fraud is high, credibility is the key to gaining trust and establishing legitimacy.

3. Building a strong community

Marketing can help gather supporters who are invested in your success. This community can provide valuable feedback and support and help generate interest in your project.

Blockchain community

4. Differentiation

With so many blockchain projects out there, marketing can help differentiate your project from others in the industry. By effectively communicating what sets your project apart, you can stand out and attract users and investors.


5. Competitive advantage

Marketing your blockchain project can give you a competitive advantage by building brand equity, establishing thought leadership, and generating buzz around your project.


6. Scalability

Marketing can help you scale your blockchain project by increasing adoption and usage. By building a strong user base, you can attract more investors and scale your projects more quickly.


7. Monetisation 

Marketing can also help you monetise your blockchain project by generating revenue through partnerships, advertising, or token sales.   

Examples of marketing blockchain projects in action

Here are several marketing options you can apply to your blockchain projects.

1. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO can help increase online visibility and attract potential users and investors. Here are the steps to implement SEO for your blockchain project:

  •  Conduct keyword research to identify the most relevant keywords related to your blockchain project
  • Optimise your website by including the relevant keywords you want to be found for in your website’s content, metadata, and URLs.
  • Create quality content that is relevant to engage your target audience. Make sure to include your target keywords.
  • Build quality backlinks from reputable websites to your blockchain project’s website.
  • Use analytic tools to monitor and track website traffic and optimise your SEO strategy accordingly.
Google search results

Blokpoint can help you in implementing these tasks. Our blockchain SEO team are experts in optimising your blockchain project’s online visibility and attracting potential users and investors. By partnering with Blokpoint, we’ll create a bespoke strategy to fulfil your blockchain project’s SEO needs. 

2. Influencer Marketing 

Influencer marketing can help increase brand awareness and credibility. Here are the steps to implement influencer marketing for a blockchain project:

  •  Identify the relevant influencers in your industry and niche.
  • Develop a relationship with the influencers by engaging with their content and building rapport.
  • Create a partnership or collaboration that aligns with your blockchain project’s goals and values.
  • Have the influencer promote your blockchain project to their followers through their social media channels, blogs, or podcasts.

3. Content Marketing 

Content marketing can help build brand awareness and establish thought leadership. Here are the steps to implement content marketing for a blockchain project:

  • Identify the types of content that your target audience would find valuable, such as blog posts, white papers, or videos.
  • Create high-quality content that provides value to your target audience and positions your blockchain project as a thought leader.
  • Promote your content through your website, social media channels, and email marketing campaigns.
  • Analyse the engagement and metrics of your content and adjust your strategy accordingly.

4. Virtual Events

Virtual events can help generate interest and engagement in your blockchain project. Here are the steps to implement virtual events for a blockchain project:

  • Identify the type of virtual event that aligns with your blockchain project’s goals and values, such as webinars, virtual conferences, or AMA sessions.
  • Develop an event plan, including the content, speakers, and promotion strategy.
  • Promote your event through your website, social media channels, and email marketing campaigns.
  • Host the event and engage with attendees by answering questions, providing value, and promoting your blockchain project.

5. Community building

Building a strong community around your blockchain project can help you increase engagement and build trust with potential users and investors. Here’s how to achieve success.

  • Develop a social media presence by creating profiles on platforms where your target audience is active and posts regularly to engage with followers.
  • Host online events, such as webinars, Q&A sessions, and other virtual meetings, to connect with your community and provide value.
  • Engage with your audience by responding to comments, and feedback, and encourage discussion among your followers.  
  • Incorporating feedback from your community can not only improve your project, but it can also serve as a trust factor and social proof to potential users and investors. When they see that you listen to and value their feedback, you build credibility and demonstrate that your project is worth investing in.
  • Encourage your community to create content around your project and share it on social media.
  • Track your community engagement and adjust your approach as needed to achieve your goals

6. Public relations

Public relations involves developing relationships with media outlets and journalists to secure coverage of your blockchain project. Here are the following steps.

  • Develop a media list by identifying the media outlets and journalists who cover the blockchain industry and would be interested in your project.
  • Craft a compelling pitch that explains why your project is newsworthy and what makes it unique.
  • Reach out to journalists and pitch your story to them, providing access to your project’s resources and team members as needed.
  • Monitor the media coverage your project receives and use it to build your project’s credibility and reputation.
  • Evaluate the success of your PR campaign and adjust your approach as needed to achieve your goals.   

7. Paid advertising

Paid advertising involves using channels, such as Google Ads, social media advertising and influencer marketing campaigns to reach a wider audience and drive traffic to your project. Take the following actions.

  • Determine how much you’re willing to spend on paid advertising and allocate your budget across different channels.
  • Create and develop eye-catching ads that showcase your project and its unique selling points.
  • Use targeting options to reach your ideal audience based on factors such as demographics and interests.
  • Track the performance of your ads and adjust your targeting, creative ad assets and budget as needed.
    Google Ads graph

    If you’re looking to launch a successful Google Ads campaign for your blockchain project, Blokpoint can help you create eye-catching ads that showcase your project’s selling points and target your ideal audience. Contact us today to learn more. about how we can increase the online traffic and visibility of your blockchain project through paid advertising.

    8. Partnership and collaboration

    Partnership and collaborations can help you reach a wider audience and build credibility in the blockchain industry. Here are the steps you can take:

        • Identify potential partners in the blockchain or related industries that share the same target audience.
        • Connect with potential partners and explain why you think a collaboration would be beneficial.
        • Develop a partnership agreement. Outline the terms of your collaboration, including the scope of work, compensation, and expected outcomes.
        • Share news of your collaboration on social media and through other channels to reach a wider audience.
        • Make sure to track the success of your collaboration and adjust your approach if needed.
    Crypto Collaborations

    What are the potential challenges in implementing marketing for blockchain?

    Whilst marketing your blockchain project can be highly effective, it’s important to be aware of the potential challenges you may face. Here are some common obstacles to implementing any marketing strategies for your blockchain project.  

    1. Lack of awareness 

    One of the primary difficulties in marketing your blockchain projects is the lack of mainstream awareness and understanding of the technology. While blockchain has gained significant attention in recent years, it is still a relatively new and complex technology that can be difficult for many people to fully comprehend.

    2. Limited adoption

    Another challenge facing blockchain projects is limited adoption. Despite blockchain’s increase in popularity, many people are still hesitant to use it. To boost your marketing effort, you need to build awareness and educate potential users and investors about the technology and its benefits. This can be a time-consuming and costly process, especially if you’re trying to reach a mainstream audience.

    3. Legal and regulatory challenges

    Blockchain technology operates in a legal and regulatory area, which can create challenges for marketing your project. Depending on your location and the project type, you may need to comply with various regulations. You may also need a licence before you can legally operate your platform. Failure to comply with the legal rules can result in fines, penalties, and bad press. 


    Marketing is an essential component for the success of your blockchain project. It’s an effective way to communicate the benefits of your platform and build awareness among potential users and investors. Whilst there may be challenges, marketing is a powerful tool for supercharging your blockchain project.

    At Blokpoint, our blockchain SEO expertise can be a game-changer for your blockchain project. Our team’s specialised knowledge and experience can help you develop an effective SEO strategy that targets your specific audience and goals. Contact us today to learn more about services that will help you unlock your blockchain project’s potential for success. 


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