16 Nov, 2022

SEO for Blockchain Tips and Tricks to Grow Your Project

SEO for Blockchain Tips and Tricks to Grow Your Project

Search engine optimisation is essential for all websites, but especially for blockchain sites. SEO can help you attract potential customers and investors to your project.   

What is SEO for Blockchain?

SEO for Blockchain is an organic, cost-effective, and long-term marketing strategy for bringing relevant traffic to your website. You can also use the industry’s high market volatility and changing technologies to effectively capture your target market’s attention.

What are the general blockchain SEO rules?

Here are some of the optimisation principles you can apply for your blockchain project.

1. Choose only the keywords relevant to your project

Your target audience should be able to find your project using relevant or unique keywords. If you’re unsure of the search terms they use, you’ll need to conduct keyword research or hire experts to find them.

2. Always practise front-loading

You should place the primary keyword in your title and above the fold of your content. 

Above the fold refers to the content that’s visible to the reader without scrolling down. This is important since it can help your site land on top of the search result pages.

3. Keep adding backlinks to your site

Backlinks are links from another website to your webpage. Search engines, such as Google, consider backlinks as a vote of approval for your page. The more backlinks you have, the higher your page ranks in organic searches.

 To successfully build backlinks, you need to discover.

  • The blockchain topics people are linking into
  • The people who are linking to your content
  • Why they are linking
  • How to attract them to your links (bait)
  • How to market your content
  • The quality or spam score of the backlink

4. Improve the user experience

Visitors tend to stay longer on well-designed websites that are easy to navigate. There are several ways of enhancing user experience, including using:

  • White spaces
  • Targeted headlines
  • A call-to-action that appeals to your audience
  • Original images
  • Differently coloured hyperlinks
  • Bullet points for presenting key features of your crypto products
  • Speeding up your webpage loading time

Your site should also load within 3 seconds or less to improve your conversion rate. If you’re seeking information from your visitors, keep it to a minimum. If possible, only ask for a first name and email address.

5. Create original but engaging content

The purpose of your blockchain content marketing strategy is to increase the following.

  • Online traffic 
  • Clicks
  • Conversions or sales
  • Opt-ins
  • Comments/likes/mentions

Now you have the metrics, the next task is to produce engaging content.

You need to ensure that it’s original. It’s likely that you’ll write about topics that have been previously discussed. Nevertheless, you can add your unique voice or view to the subject. If you need a substantial amount of content and writing expertise, consider outsourcing the work to a third party. 

In addition, your content should be accurate and thought-provoking. It’s easier for the readers to relate if you present the information as a story. 

For instance, you can talk about the importance of privacy based on your daily digital wallet transactions.

After presenting the benefits of your blockchain project and how to use it, you need to tell readers what to do next. Include a simple but strong call-to-action to guide them. For instance, you can:

  • Present a hyperlink that will direct readers to a landing page
  • Make your product clickable to add to their cart

6. Build and maintain trust with your audience

Ranking on top of the search results can make it easier for people to trust your blockchain project. 

Here are some tips on gaining the trust of your audience.

  • Know who they are
  • Create consistent and valuable content
  • Serve your customers well and encourage them to leave comments and reviews

Building relationships and trust is essential to your blockchain project. It should also be one of the primary focuses of your SEO strategy. 

Optimise your blockchain projects for mobile

Why should you focus on mobile SEO?

Many crypto and blockchain users rely on their mobile devices – making it essential to have a mobile-optimised SEO strategy. This means having a website that’s lightweight with responsive designs that look good on mobile screens.

How to create a mobile-first SEO strategy for your blockchain?

Here are several tips on optimising your blockchain for mobile.

  • A lightweight website with easy-to-navigate menu controls
  • Concise and easy-to-read texts
  • Large and clear images
  • Limit the use of videos since they can slow down your site’s loading speed
  • All essential information should be above-the-fold of your webpage
  • The site designs provide a good mobile user experience
  • Fast loading
  • The site is optimised for local searches

If your site follows a mobile-first SEO strategy, it can get shared often on social media platforms, such as Facebook or Twitter.


Blockchain SEO is an inexpensive, long-term means for increasing online traffic to your site. It can also help you catch the attention of your potential customers and investors. In SEO, you need relevant keywords incorporated into your content and presented like a story to engage your readers. This can help you earn backlinks from other websites boosting your reputation as an authority in the subject. Don’t forget to include a strong call to action to direct your readers to the next step.

If you need professional help when creating your blockchain SEO strategy, we at Blokpoint are happy to assist. We have a team of highly experienced crypto and blockchain SEO specialists who can provide the expertise you require to achieve your business and marketing goals. Please contact us today to get started! 


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