16 Jan, 2023

On-Page SEO Best Practices to Boost Your Blockchain Project

Best Practices to boost your blockchain project

On-page SEO can bring new customers to your blockchain site every day. Whilst this idea is empowering, it can also be intimidating.

What is on-page SEO? 

On-page SEO (also known as onsite SEO) is the optimisation process of a website’s front-end and back-end components to help it rank in the search engines and increase online traffic. The onsite SEO elements include content, site architecture, and HTML.   

Why is on-page SEO essential to your blockchain project?

On-page SEO for blockchain is vital to your website since it informs search engines about the value you provide to customers or investors. It also keeps your site optimised for human users and search engine crawlers.

The on-page SEO part refers to the tweaks and changes you make to optimise your website for visitors. 

At Blokpoint, we can assist you in selecting and implementing onsite SEO tactics for your blockchain project, including:

  • Keyword research
  • Content optimisation
  • Internal linking  

What are the essential on-page SEO elements your website needs?


1. Relevant and high-quality web content

Page content is the main concern of on-page SEO. It informs search engines and readers what your blockchain product or service is all about.

As blockchain SEO specialists, we recommend creating high-quality content with appropriate keywords and topics. This will require careful keyword research, which is one of our many blockchain SEO specialities.   

Here are the common best practices for creating quality content.

  • Include keywords – short and long tail, but in a natural manner
  • Create engaging and visually relevant content
  • Write for your target or ideal customers
  • Your content should offer solutions to your readers’ problems
  • Develop content that readers like to share and link to
  • Optimise the conversion process by adding CTAs and product offers.

Use the page content to communicate your blockchain project’s value to your visitors and Google. It’s also vital to invest substantial resources in developing and optimising content since most of your on-page SEO elements will depend on it.   



2. Page titles and headers

Website page titles and headers are critical elements of blockchain SEO. For instance:

<title>Our Blockchain-as-a-Service Web Solution</title>

This title tells your visitor and Google what kind of content to expect when they go to the page. Create a title to appeal to your user’s interest.

To help your site rank, every page title should have the focus keyword incorporated naturally.

Here are the best practices applied for creating page titles.

  • Keep it under 60 characters to ensure that Google displays it correctly. 
  • Don’t stuff it with keywords to avoid penalties from search engines. Incorporate the keywords naturally.  
  • Make the title relevant to your page
  • Avoid using all capitals
  • You can include your brand in the title (example: “BaaS Financial Solution – Blockchain company”


3. Meta descriptions

The meta descriptions are the texts that you see under the title in the search results. Whilst Google does not consider them as official ranking factors, they can convince the user to click on your page.

A good meta description should have the following qualities.

  • Try to keep it within 160 characters 
  • Incorporate the keyword
  • Write one or two engaging sentences
  • Don’t use alphanumeric or special characters


4. Image alt-text

Google and other search engines rely on image-alt text to understand the context of your  images. 

You can say image-alt-text is essential to your blockchain SEO since customers can discover your site through your images. Adding alt-text can make it accessible to visually impaired users. 

Keep these tips in mind when adding image-alt-text.

  • Descriptive and specific
  • Relevant to your page content
  • Shorter than 125 characters
  • Limit the use of keywords


5. URLs and internal linking

Keep your page URLs simple for the benefit of your customers and search engines. You can also use them to keep your site hierarchy consistent through the subpages and other internal page types.

For instance: https://blockchain_company.com/BaaS/blogs

In this URL:

  • Blockchain_company.com is the domain
  • BaaS is the directory
  • Blogs indicate the specific path to that directory

Here are the common tips for creating URLs that are blockchain SEO-friendly. 

  • Remove any unnecessary words
  • Limit the keywords to one or two
  • Use HTTPS to enhance your Google ranking

Meanwhile, internal linking is essential to your on-page SEO since it can send visitors to other pages on your site. This can make them stay longer and convince Google that your is site is helpful to users. 

The longer you keep people on your website gives Google more time to crawl and index your pages.  


Technical SEO that can help your on-page SEO

Whilst the following elements fall under technical SEO, optimising them can create a better on-page experience for your customers.


1. Structured data

Structured data is the process of “marking up” your site’s source code to enable Google to understand your content better. This will make it easier for users to find you on Google’s various content elements, such as snippets or knowledge panels.


2. Site speed

Page speed is critical to the success of your on-page SEO strategy. You can’t convince customers to obtain your blockchain product if they can’t or won’t visit your site.

Ideally, your site should load in three seconds or less. If it takes longer, every second’s delay decreases your chances of conversion.


3. Optimised for mobile 

You need to optimise your blockchain website for mobile devices since Google highly favours them in the rankings.   

Therefore, your site’s theme, design, and content layout should be readable and navigable on mobile phones and devices. 

If you need help optimising your site’s mobile responsiveness and loading speed, Blokpoint can help you.  


On-page SEO is vital to the marketing success of your blockchain business. It can help search engines learn about your product or service offers and connect them to your target audience. 

However, implementing on-page optimisation and other blockchain SEO tasks require time, effort, and expertise. Fortunately, Blokpoint can assist you with this task. 

We have more than ten years of blockchain SEO experience, and our team’s expertise can ensure that your blockchain site is highly optimised for search engines. Contact us and receive a blockchain SEO audit for free.      


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