16 Dec, 2022

SEO for blockchain: The Do’s and Don’ts

SEO for Blockchain The Do's and Dont's

SEO for blockchain can help build your business and increase your customer base. As the industry expands, you will need search engine optimisation to increase your site’s online visibility and traffic. 

Unfortunately, SEO can be a tricky marketing tool in the hands of a novice. If you need a specialist for this task, consider reaching out to us here at Blokpoint.  

Your blockchain SEO strategy will often depend on Google’s search algorithms, and they tend to change from time to time.

Nevertheless, We at Blokpoint have put together our lists of dos and don’ts that can make your SEO campaign a success for your blockchain company.  

The Do’s

1. Long-tail keywords

A specific word or phrase on your web page can get Google’s attention – resulting in more visitors and business growth. If you are looking for these keywords, they need to have two unique qualities – relevant, and low competition.

Whilst long-tail keywords generate less web traffic, they have a higher conversion value since they are more specific. For instance, instead of using a keyword, such as “blockchain,” you can try – “blockchain services for keeping track of supply chains”       

2. Relevant keywords

You must have a primary keyword when writing a content piece as it will be the one you’re ranking for in Google. In addition, you can also include relevant keywords. The first thing you do to find them is to google your primary keyword and list down the related keywords at the bottom of the search page. 

SEO specialists have more accurate ways of finding the right keywords for your blockchain business. Get in touch today to find out more.  

3. Excellent user experience

Blockchain topics may contain plenty of technical terms that can discourage visitors from reading them. Therefore, ensure that your content is optimised to provide the best possible user experience.

Provide a brief explanation of the technical terms you are using to help your target audience understand the content. You can also break up your content to make it readable by using:

  • Bullet and number lists
  • Small paragraphs
  • Headings and subheadings
  • Include images between paragraphs
  • Leave plenty of white spaces around the text 

4. Metadata

Title tags and meta descriptions are useful in your blockchain SEO campaigns.

Title tags can convince a potential customer to click on your website in the search results. Including the keyword within these tags can draw them in.

Meanwhile, your meta descriptions can persuade the user to click on your blockchain offering. It can also inform the search engines about context of your page.

Make sure your meta description delivers the context of your page within the 160 character limit.     

5. Website metrics

It is essential to check your site metrics to see which areas you need to improve, such as:

  • Conversions
  • Website traffic
  • Bounce rate
  • Click-through rate

SEO specialists, such as Blokpoint have the tools and expertise to analyse the various SEO metrics.  

The Don’ts

1. Do not ignore user search intent

Whilst you need keywords, they should be relevant to your content. You also need to consider the search intent of your potential customers.  

For instance, if a user searches for “blockchain service provider”, it’s unlikely that they want content regarding the history of blockchain. 

When you write an article or page, make sure your keyword fits the user intent. If you are not sure about the user intent for your chosen keywords, you can always seek the services of an SEO specialist, such as Blokpoint.    

2. Avoid keyword stuffing

A few keywords in your content can boost your Google ranking. However, if you include too many keywords in every paragraph, Google may penalise your website for keyword stuffing. You should avoid using this black hat strategy. Instead, integrate the keywords into your content organically since it is the only legitimate way for Google to rank your site.    

3. Don’t allow your website to slow down

Did you know most of your audience expects your website to load in three seconds or less? If not, they will not hesitate to leave. If too many of them do, Google’s algorithm will think that your content is not relevant, and your ranking will plummet as a result. 

If you want your blockchain business to rank higher, every web page should load within one to three seconds. Here are several ways of speeding up your site.

  • Cache your web pages
  • Compress the images
  • Improve your server response time
  • Minify your code
  • Limit your redirects

4. Avoid misleading links 

Internal links can encourage your visitors or potential customers to stay on your website longer. Once they see the link, and it interests them, they will follow it. However, you need to integrate these links in a natural manner.

On your page, a sentence may read, “We offer the best blockchain technology for money transfers in London.” If you want to link it to your money transfer service page, you can use “money transfer” as your anchor text. However, if you use “London” as an anchor text, that would be misleading.    

5. Don’t limit your web design to desktops 

It doesn’t make sense to focus your web design on desktops only since around 70% of your traffic is likely from mobile devices. Google’s ranking priority is also on mobile-optimised websites.  

In addition, you need to apply your responsive designs for both desktop and mobile to appear in the search engine results. 


SEO for blockchain can contribute to your company’s growth and success. Make your website SEO-friendly, and it will be easier for potential customers to find you online. Therefore, you need to implement an effective blockchain SEO strategy immediately.

If you don’t have the time, staff, or experience with SEO, we at Blokpoint are happy to help you. We have the expertise, knowledge, and skills to provide you with a bespoke blockchain SEO strategy. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us today!


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