28 Mar, 2024

Turning Heads: The Best Blockchain Public Relations Campaigns

Turning Heads The Best Blockchain Public Relations Campaigns

In the blockchain industry, innovation is fundamental. Besides groundbreaking products, you’ll need effective blockchain public relations campaigns. These campaigns must resonate with the target audience, standing out in a competitive marketplace. 

Mastering impactful marketing can spark conversations and sustain buzz for extended periods. This article highlights standout PR marketing campaigns in blockchain, emphasising creativity and strategic thinking.

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1. Binance


The Tipping Point” by Binance is a 2-minute blockchain marketing ad that captures significant 2020 events. It begins sombre, highlighting global protests, wildfires, and the pandemic. However, it swiftly transitions to portray blockchain solutions as catalysts for overcoming these challenges.

The ad presents blockchain technology as the key to propelling the world beyond its current global challenges. The campaign emphasises blockchain’s resilience and potential to navigate today’s landscape, addressing systemic issues and reaching untapped markets.

Through its compelling narrative and visually engaging content, “The Tipping Point” communicates the value and impact of blockchain solutions. It serves as a rallying cry for embracing innovation and harnessing the potential of blockchain to create positive change.


2. Blockchain.com


Blockchain.com’s “Don’t Get Held Up” ad uses humour and satire to convey its marketing message. Released after the launch of the PIT exchange, it portrays confused bank robbers seeking advice from bank tellers. Surprisingly, the tellers encourage them to use PIT, Blockchain.com’s exchange, to trade cryptocurrencies instead of reporting their illegal activities.

The ad humorously depicts the tellers discussing PIT’s advantages over other exchanges, suggesting that using PIT could increase their stolen portfolio. Despite its witty approach, the ad effectively communicates the benefits of using Blockchain.com’s exchange, resonating with viewers while promoting PIT’s advantages.

3. Changelly


Changelly, a crypto exchange platform, stands out in email marketing by embracing innovation. They tackle the challenge of conventional templates flooding inboxes by introducing interactivity into their emails. This approach increases engagement and reduces the risk of subscriber disengagement.

Changelly maintains a fresh and relatable tone by incorporating emojis while offering rewards for correct answers, enhancing customer loyalty and boosting click-through rates. Changelly’s strategy serves as a valuable lesson in revitalising email marketing campaigns, demonstrating the effectiveness of interactivity and incentives in capturing and retaining audience attention.

 4. ChangPeng Zhao

ChangPeng Zhao, CEO of Binance and known as CZ on X (Twitter), is an active and engaging presence on the platform, often incorporating wit to convey his messages effectively. One standout blockchain marketing campaign he initiated, “Not Financial Advice,” gained significant attention.

The campaign creatively depicts human evolution in three stages, associating each stage with a form of currency. It starts with hard currency for early humans, progresses to credit cards for the intermediate stage, and culminates in digital currency for modern humans.

The ad’s underlying message is clear: digital currencies represent the next evolutionary step in money, and individuals must adapt to this changing financial landscape. The campaign effectively communicates the potential of digital currencies to reshape financial systems and encourages people to embrace this evolution.


CZ Not Financial Advice

5. Coinbase


Coinbase’s 30-second crypto marketing ad, “It’s only the Beginning,” arrived shortly after the exchange’s Nasdaq listing, a significant milestone for the largest US cryptocurrency exchange. The ad capitalised on heightened interest in the crypto market.

The ad showcases Bitcoin’s performance graphically, highlighting its value surge over the years and illustrating the cyclical nature of bear and bull markets. This portrayal effectively communicates the market’s growth potential and volatility.

Towards the end, the ad seamlessly transitions to display logos of various crypto projects, reinforcing Coinbase’s prominence in the crypto ecosystem. This strategic placement solidifies Coinbase’s position as a key player in the industry.


6. eToro


eToro’s marketing campaign “HODL” cleverly combines humour and messaging, earning it a spot among notable campaigns. The ad features a renowned actor rejecting unappealing offers and ending up stuck in a lift amid a Bitcoin crash panic. He calmly repeats “HODL,” stressing the importance of holding onto investments amidst market volatility.

While humorous, the ad conveys a profound message about patience and resilience in financial decisions. By humorously depicting the consequences of panic selling, eToro effectively promotes a more measured approach to investing, resonating with viewers.

7. Everledger


In 2019, Everledger introduced its Diamond Provenance Platform through a captivating video ad showcasing blockchain’s versatility beyond cryptocurrency. The ad highlighted blockchain’s potential to revolutionise global supply chains, particularly in the diamond industry, by providing transparency and traceability.

Everledger’s success lies in its consistent efforts to establish authority through clear messaging and compelling presentation. By demonstrating blockchain’s practical applications in ensuring diamond authenticity and provenance, Everledger garnered attention from industry stakeholders and consumers alike.

The ad portrayed blockchain’s potential in supply chain management, resonating with audiences and reinforcing Everledger’s leadership in digital transparency solutions. Through this campaign, Everledger expanded perceptions of blockchain technology, showcasing its utility and impact across industries beyond cryptocurrency.

8. Grayscale


Grayscale’s 39-second ad, “Drop Gold,” boldly promotes cryptocurrencies as the future, challenging traditional gold hoarding. The ad showcases individuals fixated on accumulating gold while highlighting its shortcomings as a store of value. It urges viewers to embrace cryptocurrencies as a superior alternative.

In under 40 seconds, the ad outlines the benefits of transitioning from gold to crypto, emphasising digital currencies’ potential advantages over traditional assets.  The ad captures attention and prompts viewers to reconsider their investment strategies by presenting a compelling argument for cryptocurrency adoption.

Grayscale’s “Drop Gold” campaign resonated with audiences by tapping into the growing interest in cryptocurrencies and challenging conventional perceptions of value. Through assertive messaging and concise delivery, the ad successfully sparked conversation and encouraged the exploration of digital asset possibilities.

9. Monero


Monero’s “A Private Digital Currency” campaign emphasises cryptocurrency privacy and anonymity. In the one-minute video, Monero explains its approach to blockchain privacy and advocates for reclaiming control over finances.

The ad begins by highlighting uncertainties about financial record security in banks, corporations, and governments. It then explains how Monero enables users to protect transaction privacy, offering a solution against surveillance and exploitation. The video also showcases Monero’s unique feature, which allows users to adjust privacy levels.

The ad communicates Monero’s value proposition with clarity and brevity, empowering viewers to prioritise financial privacy. It also addresses data security concerns and provides a viable alternative.

 10. PayPal


In 2020, PayPal launched its “Crypto for the People” marketing campaign, marking its foray into supporting cryptocurrencies. Despite its traditional roots predating Bitcoin, PayPal’s campaign effectively embraced blockchain marketing.

At the campaign’s core is a concise 15-second video aimed at resonating with PayPal’s broad user base, encouraging them to explore the new crypto feature. Its brevity ensures clear messaging, catering to modern consumers’ preferences.

The visually engaging video showcases individuals seamlessly trading cryptocurrencies on PayPal’s platform, complemented by a concise script and compelling messaging. Promising accessibility with just a $1 investment further enhances its appeal.


11. Ripple


Ripple’s presence in this standout campaign list was a natural choice. The San Francisco-based company is renowned for its enterprise blockchain solutions and open-source payment system.

One standout campaign is the “Got It” video ad from 2019. This ad demonstrates Ripple’s global influence and the speed, versatility, and reliability of its solutions. With a simple concept and relatable human element, the ad tells a story that resonates with viewers.

Furthermore, it conveys Ripple’s unique selling proposition (USP) in two words: avoid industry jargon and ensure an easy-to-understand message.

12. UniSwap V3


The pplpleasr’s Uniswap V3 ad stood out for its unique approach and impact, selling as an NFT for $525,000 despite its lack of words/speech.

The ad depicts UniSwap’s mascot navigating a barren landscape, undergoing a striking transformation as a vibrant representation of the new algorithm emerges. The once desolate setting flourishes, symbolising the algorithm’s transformative potential. This visually compelling narrative effectively communicates UniSwap’s evolution and the promise of its latest algorithm, resonating deeply with viewers.

The absence of words enhances the ad’s impact, showcasing the power of visual storytelling in crypto marketing. This contribution underscores UniSwap’s continued success and relevance in the industry.


Crypto and blockchain marketing face challenges of audience mistrust and complexity. Successful campaigns use precise language, emotional connections, and factual information. Understanding the audience’s mindset and addressing doubts with industry knowledge strengthens connections.

Top campaigns are concise, highlight key points, use relatable elements, and align with relevant events. Some incorporate catchy phrases, discounts, humour, or popular associations.

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