13 Feb, 2023

Microsoft Introduces AI-Powered Bing ChatGPT

Bing Chat GPT

Microsoft recently unveiled a levelled-up version of Bing, incorporating the search engine with AI technology. Touted as the “AI-powered co-pilot for the web”, the search engine now uses the technology present in ChatGPT, a chatbot that mimics human speech to answer queries. So, what can we expect with the launch of Bing ChatGPT? Will it change the way we search for information online?

What We Know about the Marriage of Bing and ChatGPT 

For those who didn’t know, ChatGPT is a chatbot developed by OpenAI. It uses a conversational language model and has gained quite some popularity in the last few months for its ability to understand and respond to human dialogue in a quick and very sophisticated way. What amazes many people about the chatbot is that you can ask it to perform various tasks, such as creating code, writing stories and poetry, and summarising long texts, to name a few. It can also answer follow-up questions to your initial query and even tell you jokes. 

With the incorporation of ChatGPT, Bing can now answer online queries as a human would, providing a single answer with relevant information gathered from different websites. Standard search results will remain on the results page. However, users need not click through and read various web pages to compare answers or find the information they need. Moreover, the improved search engine encourages users to ask questions as they would another person rather than type in search terms or key phrases. 

Bing’s new search engine interface is now available, but only to a select few. Nevertheless, the service will be expanded to cater to more people and feature a more powerful new GPT algorithm called Prometheus. Microsoft also plans to integrate a separate chat interface for Bing while its web browser Edge will receive an AI upgrade, allowing it to summarise financial earnings reports, amongst others.

How Bing ChatGPT Works 

When you open Bing’s new home page, you will see a large search box that accepts 1,000-character queries. Typing in an online query will give you a traditional list of search results on the left-hand side of the screen and a new contextual interface on the right-hand side.

Before, on the right side of the screen, you’d see a summary of what Microsoft knows about your query. This space will now be used for any context Microsoft can gather to provide a lengthy response to your online search. One notable difference from the original ChatGPT is that Bing puts stock on facts and the accuracy of the information it provides. You are less likely to see an editorialised version of the search results than when using OpenAI’s popular chatbot. 

As mentioned earlier, there will be a chat interface on Bing if you’d rather experience having a “conversation” with the ChatGPT AI than use traditional search. On top of the search page, you will see a “Chat” tab you can click to type in your query. Chat results will have footnotes featuring links to the source material so that you can verify the information personally. 

Using the new version of Bing is free, and it is still possible to make anonymous queries. Still, users must log in with their Microsoft account to use the AI-powered search engine.

The Rise of the Age of AI 

Folks at Microsoft described the recent development as ushering in the “age of AI”. They are confident that incorporating AI technology into Bing will “reshape” the web and every software category. 

Indeed, AI technology has taken off in recent years, and Microsoft has good reason to believe that Bing ChatGPT will significantly impact how we search the web for the information we need. However, it remains to be seen if the latest addition to Bing will help the search engine claim a bigger slice of the search market pie. Google, the world’s biggest and most popular search engine, is right on Microsoft’s heels. A similar addition to the search giant, Google Bard, is currently in the works. 

Search engine rivalries notwithstanding, it looks like AI technology is here to stay. If its popularity and rate of adoption continue their current trajectory, it won’t be long before asking AI chatbots to help us find the products or services we need becomes a staple of our daily online activities.

Are Your Projects Ready for AI-Powered Search Engines? 

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