11 Dec, 2023

Odysee Review: Blockchains’ Answer to YouTube

Odysee Review Blockchains' Answer to YouTube

The digital era has witnessed an exponential rise in the use of video-sharing platforms. With the increasing demand for diverse content and creators’ freedom, alternative media is gaining popularity. This shift signifies a change in the global content consumption pattern.

Enter Odysee – a blockchain-based video-sharing platform emerging as a new, strong alternative to YouTube. In this Odysee review, we will see how. By leveraging the decentralised nature of blockchain, this video-sharing platform offers a unique experience distinct from traditional media outlets.

Understanding Odysee

Odysee operates on the LBRY protocol, a decentralised digital library and content-sharing platform. This open-source protocol lets users publish content and get paid in LBRY Credits (LBC).

Unlike centralised platforms, Odysee’s decentralised structure provides enhanced security and user autonomy, reducing the risk of data manipulation and censorship.

LBC, the Odysee ecosystem’s currency, rewards viewers and creators, offering a transparent monetisation system. In contrast, on YouTube, creators mainly earn through advertising. This income is generated when viewers watch video ads, with the revenue split between YouTube and the creator.

LBC Token

Odysee vs. YouTube

Odysee and YouTube represent two fundamentally different approaches in the evolving landscape of online video-sharing platforms.

Comparative Analysis

Odysee and YouTube, at their core, serve a similar purpose: providing a platform for sharing and viewing video content. However, their underlying operational structures reveal stark contrasts. 

YouTube, a pioneer in the field, operates on a centralised model governed by a single corporate entity. This traditional approach has set standards for video-sharing platforms but also imposed limitations and controls influenced by corporate policies and advertising demands.

Odysee, on the other hand, enters the scene as a disruptive force, leveraging blockchain technology. It operates on a decentralised network, fundamentally shifting the power dynamics and control within the platform from corporations and advertisers to users and creators. 

This difference in foundation significantly affects how each platform operates and impacts all areas of the platform, including the user experience, content creation, and distribution.

Key Differences

1. Decentralisation and Control 

Odysee’s blockchain foundation ensures more decentralisation. This means creators on Odysee have more control over their content without the fear of unilateral decisions often seen in centralised platforms like YouTube. This decentralisation also means less susceptibility to external pressures and censorship from shareholders and advertisers, providing a more accessible environment for content creation.

YouTube governance

2. Monetisation and Revenue Models

YouTube’s monetisation relies heavily on advertising and subscription models, often leading to content guidelines driven by advertiser preferences. Odysee uses LBRY Credits (LBC), a cryptocurrency, allowing a more direct and transparent compensation model for creators based on viewer engagement.

3. Data Privacy and Security

With blockchain, Odysee offers enhanced data security and privacy, reducing the risk of data breaches and misuse. While having robust security measures, YouTube still operates within traditional data management models, which can be vulnerable to privacy issues.

Pros and Cons

Odysee Pros:

  • Greater content freedom with minimal censorship.
  • Enhanced privacy and security through blockchain technology.
  • Direct and transparent monetisation for creators.

Odysee Cons:

  • Limited audience reach due to its nascent stage in the market.
  • Less content variety and less sophisticated recommendation algorithms.
  • Relatively smaller community and support resources.
  • The platform has previously faced negative press, particularly concerning some suspect content that has been posted.

YouTube Pros:

  • Vast audience reach and established presence.
  • Diverse content and sophisticated content discovery algorithms.
  • Strong community support and resources for creators.

YouTube Cons:

  • More susceptible to censorship and content regulation.
  • Privacy concerns and data management issues.
  • Advertising models and corporate policies heavily influence monetisation.

While YouTube offers a vast and established platform with diverse content and audiences, Odysee brings a new paradigm of content freedom and creator control through its blockchain-based model.

Each platform has unique strengths and limitations, and the choice largely depends on content creators’ and viewers’ priorities and needs. These platforms will likely adapt and refine their models, offering more nuanced video-sharing and consumption options.

User Experience

When evaluating a video-sharing platform like Odysee, user experience is a critical factor.

Interface and Navigation

Odysee’s user interface focuses on simplicity and ease of use. The intuitive layout makes it straightforward for new users to navigate the platform. This simplicity is a significant draw for users who prefer an uncluttered and direct experience.

Odysee interface

However, it’s important to note that Odysee is still in its development phase regarding content discovery. Compared to YouTube, which has years of data and sophisticated algorithms to recommend content tailored to individual user preferences, Odysee’s recommendation system could be more refined. This means users might need to spend more time searching for content that aligns with their interests.

User Feedback

User reviews of Odysee often praise the platform for its commitment to content freedom. This aspect particularly appeals to creators and viewers looking for an alternative to the more regulated and controlled environment of platforms like YouTube. 

However, there are areas where users feel Odysee could improve. One notable concern is video buffering speeds – a crucial aspect of user experience in video streaming. Users have also pointed out that the search functionality could be more efficient, making content discovery easier and more user-friendly.

Odysee interface

Notable Features

Odysee stands out with several unique features that are integral to its blockchain-based model:

1. Enhanced Privacy 

In an age where data privacy is a growing concern, Odysee offers a platform where user data is more secure and personal information is less misused. This is a significant advantage over traditional platforms, where user data is often used for advertising and tracking.

2. Minimal Data Collection 

In line with its privacy-focused ethos, Odysee collects minimal user data. This approach respects user privacy and aligns with the growing demand for less intrusive digital platforms.

3. Creator-Focused Economic Model 

Odysee uses LBRY Credits (LBC) to provide a direct and transparent monetisation model. Unlike the ad-based revenue models on other platforms, this system allows creators to earn based on audience engagement. This creator-focused approach encourages diverse content and supports creators’ independence.

While different from YouTube, Odysee offers a user experience with unique advantages, especially in terms of privacy, data security, and a creator-centric monetisation model. As the platform grows and evolves, user feedback can guide its development, leading to interface, navigation, and overall user satisfaction enhancements.

Content Creation and Monetisation

Blockchain experts understand the critical role of content creation and monetisation in the success of any digital platform. Odysee, with its blockchain-based model, presents unique opportunities and challenges in these areas.

Content Creation Process

Creating content on Odysee is designed to be a straightforward and accessible process. The platform’s commitment to minimising unwarranted censorship fosters an environment where creators can freely express their ideas and share diverse content. 

This openness particularly appeals to creators who may feel restricted by the content policies of more traditional platforms. On Odysee, the range of content spans various genres and styles, reflecting its user base’s diverse interests and creativity. 

This freedom encourages a rich and varied content landscape vital for a thriving digital community.

Monetisation Using LBC

One of the most innovative aspects of Odysee is its monetisation model using LBRY Credits. LBC is a cryptocurrency that enables a transparent and equitable system for rewarding creators. 

Unlike traditional ad-revenue models, audience engagement primarily drives monetisation on Odysee. This means that creators earn LBC based on how viewers interact and engage with their content – whether through watching, liking, or sharing. 

This link between creator output and audience response establishes a fair compensation model, where success is due to content quality and viewer appreciation. It also mitigates the influence of external advertisers, offering a purer form of content monetisation.

Creator Experiences

The experiences of creators on Odysee vary. Many have found significant success, appreciating the platform’s commitment to freedom of expression and its alternative monetisation model. 

These creators often come from niches or genres that may not align with the mainstream content guidelines of larger platforms, finding a welcoming community on Odysee.

However, some creators face challenges, particularly in building an audience. Given that Odysee is still growing its user base, it may offer a different level of exposure than more established platforms like YouTube. This means that creators must invest more effort in marketing and engaging with their audience to grow their presence. 

Despite these challenges, the growth potential and the allure of a more creator-friendly platform continue to attract a diverse range of content creators to Odysee.

Odysee represents a paradigm shift in content creation and monetisation, emphasising freedom, equity, and community engagement. As the platform evolves, it promises to empower creators further and reshape the landscape of digital content.

Community and Censorship Resistance

Odysee, with its blockchain-based architecture, offers a unique perspective on the importance of community building and the balance of censorship resistance. 

Community Focus

Odysee’s platform is more than sharing videos; it’s about community-building. The design and functionality of Odysee encourage a strong sense of community, emphasising direct interaction between creators and their viewers. 

This community-centric approach allows for more meaningful engagements, fostering users’ sense of belonging and loyalty. Creators can directly connect with their audience, receive immediate feedback, and tailor their content based on audience preferences. 

This level of interaction contributes to a vibrant and active community where both creators and viewers feel valued and integral to the platform’s ecosystem.

Censorship Resistance

A key feature of Odysee, stemming from its blockchain foundation, is its resistance to censorship. Traditional video platforms often must adhere to various external regulations and pressures, which can lead to content being flagged or removed, sometimes arbitrarily. 

Odysee’s decentralised nature significantly reduces such external controls, offering creators a freer space for expression. This censorship resistance is particularly appealing to creators who wish to explore and discuss topics that might be sensitive or controversial, providing a platform where diverse perspectives can coexist.

Content Moderation Concerns

With great freedom comes great responsibility. Odysee’s open nature challenges balancing freedom of expression with responsible content moderation. The absence of stringent censorship does not mean an absence of guidelines. 

Odysee faces the delicate task of ensuring that the content on its platform does not promote hate speech, misinformation, or illegal activities. Striking this balance is critical to maintaining a safe and respectful user environment. As the platform grows, refining its content moderation policies and mechanisms will be crucial in sustaining a healthy and productive community.

Odysee’s approach to community building and censorship resistance sets it apart in digital content. While fostering a strong community and providing a platform for free expression, it also faces the ongoing challenge of responsible content moderation. Effective navigation and mitigation of negative press will be key to Odysee’s sustained growth and its ability to provide a valuable alternative to online video sharing.

Odysee’s Blockchain-based Approach to Copyright Content Works

1. Decentralised Content Management 

Odysee operates on a blockchain, specifically the LBRY blockchain. This decentralised approach contrasts with traditional, centralised platforms where the company controls all content. On Odysee, content is stored and shared across a distributed network, reducing reliance on a single entity for content management.

2. Permanent Record of Ownership 

When creators upload content to Odysee, the blockchain records the details. This creates a permanent, unalterable record of ownership and publication date, which can be crucial in copyright disputes. The blockchain serves as a digital ledger, providing proof of who owns and uploaded the content and when.

3. Enhanced Copyright Protection 

The immutable nature of blockchain entries means that once a content ownership record is made, it cannot be changed or deleted. This provides a strong protective measure for content creators against copyright infringement, as it establishes a clear and timestamped claim to their work.

4. Content Monetisation and Control 

Odysee allows creators to monetise their content directly through its blockchain system. Creators have greater control over how their content is distributed and used. They can set terms for access, such as payment in cryptocurrency, and enforce these terms through smart contracts.

5. Challenges and Limitations 

While blockchain offers many advantages for copyright management, it also presents challenges. The decentralised nature of Odysee means there’s less centralised control over what content is uploaded, which can lead to copyright infringement issues. Additionally, the reliance on cryptocurrency for transactions may limit accessibility for some users.

6. Transparency and Trust 

Blockchain’s transparency offers a level of trust and openness. All transactions and uploads are visible on the network, making it easier to track content distribution and ownership.

7. Future Potential 

Odysee’s blockchain approach to copyright content is still evolving. As the platform grows and blockchain technology advances, there’s potential for further innovations in content management, distribution, and copyright protection.

Odysee’s use of blockchain technology offers a novel approach to managing and protecting copyright content, providing benefits like permanent ownership records and enhanced control for creators. However, this approach also comes with challenges, particularly in content regulation and accessibility.

Future Developments and Challenges

In online video sharing, platforms like Odysee are more than participants but pioneers, charting new paths with blockchain technology.  

Platform Growth

Odysee is in a continuous state of evolution. The platform is working on updates to enhance user experience and diversify content. This involves improving the interface, making navigation more intuitive, and refining the content recommendation algorithms. 

Additionally, Odysee is focusing on expanding its user base, which is crucial for increasing content variety and fostering a vibrant community. The growth strategy also includes enhancing the platform’s overall performance and scalability to accommodate growing users and content creators.

Evolving Challenges

As Odysee expands, it faces many evolving challenges characteristic of the online content-sharing landscape. One primary challenge is scalability – ensuring the platform can handle growing content and user interactions without compromising performance. 

Another significant challenge is legal compliance. Operating means adhering to a complex web of regulations and laws that vary by country and region. Balancing the decentralised, open nature of the platform with these legal requirements is a delicate and ongoing task. 

Furthermore, as the platform grows, it must continually refine its content moderation, community management, and user support approach.

Future of Blockchain Video-Sharing

Looking at the broader picture, the trajectory of blockchain-based platforms like Odysee suggests a shift towards a more decentralised, creator-friendly future in digital media. Blockchain technology offers an alternative to traditional, centralised media platforms, promoting greater transparency, security, and freedom of expression. 

This shift could lead to a more diverse and dynamic media landscape where creators have more control over their content and earnings. However, the success of this shift will depend on how well platforms like Odysee can address the inherent challenges of this new model, including user adoption, content quality, and regulatory compliance.

The future for Odysee and similar blockchain-based video-sharing platforms is promising but replete with challenges. Navigating these challenges will be vital to realising the potential of blockchain technology in transforming the digital media landscape. 

As the platform evolves, it could become a significant player in the media industry, offering an alternative that aligns more closely with the values of freedom, privacy, and creator empowerment.


Odysee presents a compelling alternative to YouTube, especially for those valuing decentralisation and content freedom. For further insights and assistance in leveraging blockchain technology for your digital presence, consider reaching out to Blokpoint

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