27 Mar, 2023

The SEO Guide to Crypto Marketing: The foundation of your marketing strategy

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The crypto industry is growing at an impressive rate. Experts estimate that the 2023 average global crypto ownership rate is around 4.2%, representing more than 420 million crypto users. With cryptocurrencies continuously increasing in popularity, more companies are appearing to fill in the demand. For businesses like yours, the competition is only getting tougher.

How tough can it be?

According to CoinGecko, an average of 947 cryptocurrencies have failed between 2018 to 2022  and crypto companies are shutting down every month. Your company can easily join them – unless you invest in a long-term marketing crypto strategy.

This article will serve as your guide to SEO crypto marketing

What is crypto marketing?

Crypto marketing is all about boosting your crypto project’s popularity and reputation by creating brand recognition, attracting and retaining customers, and increasing revenue.

For instance, you can use your website to promote your crypto project. However, if your site doesn’t show up on top of the search engine result page or doesn’t look impressive, not many visitors will stay long enough to learn about your project offering. 

You can avoid this scenario and make your website more marketable by:

  • Using eye-catching graphics
  • Giving straightforward and persuasive explanations of your project’s roadmap, goals, and benefits  
  • Including contact information and social media links
  • Having a comprehensive FAQ section to address all questions about your project 

Crypto marketing involves a combination of various tactics to build a strong brand image and attract a loyal customer base. This can include marketing using social media, content and influencers. By prioritising your marketing strategies, you can increase your project’s visibility and reach, build trust and credibility with potential customers, and ultimately drive growth and success in the crypto market. 

What marketing strategies work best for crypto projects?

Among the various marketing tools, search engine optimisation (SEO) can lead your crypto venture to its full potential. It is, by far, one of the most effective digital marketing strategies for your crypto business.

Understandably, crypto SEO can frustrate most newcomers to the industry. However, by working with an SEO specialist like Blokpoint, your crypto business can gain the trust of Google and increase its search rankings.

What is Crypto SEO, and why is it essential to your marketing strategy?

Crypto SEO involves the optimisation of your online presence to attract potential customer traffic to your website. Whilst this involves traditional SEO, you will need a specialised approach related to your crypto business and industry.

How can crypto SEO help your business?

Crypto SEO is often the most cost-effective way to increase online traffic and awareness of your crypto offering. However, as you face stiff competition, you will need the assistance of SEO specialists here at Blokpoint to get the most value out of this strategy. Here are the optimisation strategies that you can use. 

Keyword Examples

1. Find the keywords that can boost your ranking

The cornerstone of every crypto SEO strategy is to discover the keywords that your target audience uses to search for your crypto products. 

Keyword research takes place during the initial stages of your digital marketing campaign. When you choose the keywords, they should be high-volume and low-competition. Finding the right search terms also requires the use of research tools. 

Whilst you can use these tools, specialised agencies can offer invaluable expertise to make the most of these resources.

The type of keywords your crypto business needs to include:

  • Focus keywords – These are words or phrases that your pages should include, since people often use them in Google. Examples of focus keywords are “Crypto Tax” or “Cryptocurrency exchange”
  • Long-tail keywords – These are longer and more specific keyword phrases, often for a specific crypto niche. These phrases may offer low search volumes, but they have higher conversion rates. This also means less competition.”Crypto tax laws in the UK” and “cryptocurrency exchange with lowest fees” are examples of long-tail keywords 

2. Learn from your competitors

You can learn valuable insights from a successful competitor. Competitor research can help you uncover the keywords they used and their strengths and weaknesses. At Blokpoint, we conduct a study of the competition using various methods, including:

  • SEO keywords 
  • Backlinks
  • Popular content
  • Optimise your crypto content

Your website content often plays a leading role in the online rankings. However, avoid using click-bait articles unless you can back it up with your content. Titles are important, but you don’t want to make any false promises, since this will discourage readers from returning to your site. Instead, your content strategy should focus on providing original, helpful, and high-quality information. 

If you combine your relevant keywords with quality content, you will attract and engage more customers. 

A crypto SEO agency can take it one step further when optimising crypto content. We ensure that every web page addresses your target readers’ intent. We can classify their intent into three groups.

  • Informational – They want to find answers to their questions. (e.g., What is the best crypto exchange?)
  • Navigational – They know what they want. (e.g., brand, product, or service) However, they need to find where to get them.
  • Transactional – They have their wallet in hand and ready to make a purchase.


Keyword funnel chart

3. Optimise the technical parts of your website

Website and server optimisation is essential to your crypto SEO success. However, you’re involved in an industry that always adopts and uses new technology. This means you will require more technical elements than ordinary sites. It is, therefore, crucial to hire an SEO agency with crypto SEO expertise

The technical optimisation element includes providing excellent user experience (UX) to:

  • Boost your search ranking.
  • Attract and retain visitors.
  • Turn your visitors into leads or customers.

4. Optimise your on-page content

On-page optimisation of your crypto website often involves improving its appearance, content, and user-friendliness.

We’ve found that optimising the following on-page factors is essential.

  • Content – You need to make your content readable not only to human users but also to search engine crawlers.
  • Headers and titles – Make it easier for search engine “crawlers” to understand your web pages by using title and header tags.
  • Visuals – Adding images to your pages can double your chances of attracting potential customers. 
  • Meta descriptions – These short pieces of content can influence Google’s search algorithm. 
  • Schema markup – These lines of code can help Google recognise what your page is all about.
  • Mobile-friendly – Many of your potential customers will use a mobile device to access your website. 
  • Loading speed – You risk losing customers if your website does not load in three seconds or less. 

5. Improve your internal and external link-building 

In Crypto SEO, internal and external linking plays a pivotal role in your strategy when increasing your website’s search ranking and visibility. 

If you have enough external links to and from authoritative and relevant websites in your content, Google may consider your page as an authoritative source. 

Internal links are also essential since search engine crawlers need them to:

  • Find their way to your site quickly.
  • Index every web page.
  • Understand how the pages relate to each other.

How can internal links enhance your search rankings?

Internal links can enhance your search rankings in several ways:

  • Well-structured internal links can improve your customers’ experience and convince them to stay longer on your website.
  • Search engines will use the internal links to crawl and index all the pages on your website. 
  • Internal links can improve the user-experience resulting in an increase in your search ranking.   

You can get external links by creating high-quality content. The next step is to reach out to other websites and ask for links as your content would be valuable and interesting to their readers. There are also other methods to gain external links, such as:

  • Sharing your content through social media
  • Offering to fix broken links on other websites and replace them with yours
  • Using schema markups -the language search engines use to read and understand your website content. 
Crawling Diagram


These crypto SEO tactics can attract and obtain the trust of potential customers. Whilst these mentioned tips may take time and effort, the results are worth it. Incorporate these SEO elements into your marketing strategy, and it will build your company’s reputation within your crypto industry and target audience. 

If you need help in conducting a sustainable crypto marketing campaign, do not hesitate to reach out to us at Blokpoint. Our crypto SEO skills and knowledge can provide the results you need. 


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