10 Nov, 2022

How to Market a Crypto Business – Why You Need an Agency

How to market a crypto business

You’ll often find yourself doing multiple tasks when running your crypto business. However, marketing your products is a time-consuming task. 

Nevertheless, you can always avail yourself of the services of crypto marketing agencies on how to market a crypto business. Instead of worrying about marketing strategies, you can let professionals find ways to connect you to your target audience. This will give you more time to devote to improving your business. Other benefits include:

1. Hiring one or several agencies based on your company’s need for their specialised services.

You can choose one full-service agency or several specialist agencies based on your marketing needs.

A full-service agency will handle all your crypto marketing needs, from ads to web design. However, since they offer a bit of “everything”, their service may lack the quality that only a specialist can provide.

On the other hand, you can expect high-quality service from an agency that specialises in one marketing field, such as SEO.

2. Reducing and streamlining your marketing costs

Time management is essential to your crypto business. You can delegate all the marketing tasks to an agency. This will enable you to work on other critical tasks.  Hiring outside marketing experts instead of an in-house team can save your company from various annual costs, including:

  • Office space
  • Personnel training
  • SEO specialist software, such as Ahref or Surfer

3. Scaling your marketing campaigns and improving your company’s ROI

The crypto industry can be volatile. The market may rise, crash, or follow an unfavourable trend. Ideally, you should be able to scale your marketing costs.

With an in-house team, you train new people or let go of existing ones. This can be a complex, costly, and time-consuming process.

In contrast, you can adjust your marketing budget if you hire a professional agency.

4. Receiving new ideas from an outside perspective

Bringing an external marketing team can help you and your staff obtain a fresh perspective.

A crypto agency can also use its network to promote your brand and identify business opportunities for your crypto products.

5. Maintaining an excellent marketing workflow where everyone involved has clear accountabilities

A crypto marketing agency can assist your in-house team in case of work overload or sudden departure of personnel.

With a single organisation handling your marketing efforts, you can measure their effectiveness based on agreed KPIs, which can include online visibility, traffic, and lead generation.

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Is Crypto SEO essential to your company’s marketing strategy?

It’s difficult for any crypto business to stand out due to intense competition. Google and Facebook have also placed restrictions and limitations on crypto products ads, making online promotion difficult.  

However, an effective crypto SEO strategy can enable you to overcome these limitations.   

In what areas can an SEO agency help your business?

1. Find who your target customers are.

How can your content and ads target your customers if you can’t identify them? An agency can identify your ideal customer using various means, including:  

  •  Demographics
  • Interests
  • Purchase motivation
  • Problems or challenges

2. Learn from the successes/failures of your competitors.

Your business can replicate the competitors’ successes while avoiding their mistakes.

Research can help you obtain this information, but you can outsource this task to an agency.

 Now, how do you research the competition? Here are the following steps.

  •  Check and study their websites.
  • Read their blogs to check their topics and focus keywords.
  • Check their social media platforms and understand how they connect with their audience.
  • Check their customers’ online reviews.
  • Visit online forums, such as Reddit, to find the current trends, such as, “What’s the latest play to earn crypto games people are hooked into”?

3. Formulate your SMART marketing goals

SMART stands for:

Specific – The goal should be detailed. For instance, obtaining more customers this year isn’t specific. Instead, choose a goal like this – increase your current customers by 25% this year compared to the last period.    

Measurable – Your goal should be measurable to justify your business achievement. For instance, “Increasing daily active users by 50% in a month” is a better goal than “having more users”.

Attainable – Your business objectives need to be realistic and achievable. Start small, then set bigger goals as you accomplish them.  

Relevant – If some of your business goals are not contributing to your crypto business, then it may be better to remove them.

Time-bound – Your business goals should have an end date to keep your people working efficiently.

4. Select suitable marketing tools

Some of the tools your business can use include:

  • Blog or video posts – You can build your content based on current crypto industry trends and popular keywords. However, your blog or video should share new information instead of generic topics.
  • Google Ads – Organic listing is free, but Google Ads can push your business to the top page instantly.

5. Engage your customers through content

Make your crypto products exciting to keep your customers from the competition.

You can attract and build a dedicated audience through referral programs. It’s  a simple marketing strategy where you can hold onto your existing and old customers while attracting new ones for your crypto products. 

You can conduct affiliate marketing where people can review your crypto products or services online. They can also offer your products to their followers. 

The affiliate marketers receive a commission, a small price to pay for making your crypto products popular and visible to the public.

6. Monitor your marketing metrics

Performance metrics can indicate if your marketing  strategy is going well or needs changes. You can use their parameters to check on the progress of your marketing tasks.

For blogs:

  • Open rate – the percentage of users who click on your blog links
  • Conversion rate – the percentage of readers who provided their email address
  • Shares – the number of times readers shared the blog
  • Backlinks – the number of websites that have linked to your blog 
  • Search ranking visibility

Once your blogs land on Google’s top pages, your audience will often consider them relevant to the industry and authoritative. This will also help increase brand awareness.

For paid ads:

  • Impressions – the number of people who saw your ad in their online searches 
  • Cost per click – the cost it takes to influence users to click on your ad
  • Revenue generated – the monetary amount you obtained from the clicked ad


The crypto market is full of opportunities, but there is also intense competition. Your business needs to stand out and connect to your customers. You can accomplish this goal by working with the right agency that can provide an effective long-term marketing strategy for your crypto products or services.

Do you need expert SEO assistance for your crypto business? Blokpoint can help you! We have the knowledge, skills, and experience to provide you with the optimisation solutions you require. Please get in touch with us, and we’ll develop a bespoke SEO strategy for your business.


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