21 Nov, 2022

What to Look for in a Marketing Agency for your Crypto Business

What to Look for in a Marketing Agency for your Crypto

A  blockchain or crypto business needs a solid marketing strategy.

Your marketing plan should include creating awareness, gaining credibility and generating demand from the crypto community.

Since marketing is an essential component for any successful crypto company, you should also consider outsourcing experts even if you have in-house staff.  

Why should you hire a marketing agency?

Marketing crypto offerings will take more than ads and banners to succeed. You need to clearly explain how your project will benefit your prospects. If your company lacks marketing expertise, then you can always turn to reputable professionals to help generate leads for your project using the following tactics. 

  • Content marketing
  • Paid ads
  • High-quality lead magnets
  • Working with influencers 

An agency can help you build brand awareness while keeping track of the latest industry trends. An outside expert can also provide an honest and fresh view of your crypto offering. 

You also save on cost since you don’t have to resort to trial and error in your advertising. An agency can turn your vision into reality through campaigns customised for your target market.

Marketing experts often have the tools and a wealth of experience to optimise your advertising campaigns accordingly. 

The right crypto marketer can help your business increase its profit by presenting and connecting your product to its target market.   

If your in-house team is struggling with certain marketing tasks, such as SEO, you can hire a specialist to help. 

  • Generate high-quality online traffic
  • Boost your brand’s trustworthiness
  • Reach your target customers directly
  • Optimise your website’s user experience
  • Obtain free advertising   
  • Be the first choice of your target audience

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What is a crypto marketing agency?

The best crypto marketing agency must be an expert in the following areas:

  • Increasing awareness
  • Improving marketing performance
  • Growing the user base
  • Increasing brand value

What are the essential factors to consider before hiring a marketing agency?

You can find plenty of marketing agencies offering services ranging from public relations to influencer services. For your crypto business, however, you will need a specialist in crypto marketing.  

You can choose a suitable crypto marketing expert based on the following factors:

1. Portfolio

Check and see if the marketing agency’s portfolio is focused on the successful promotion of cryptocurrencies, brands, or products. Working exclusively with crypto clients often means that they have the necessary experience in creating a successful crypto marketing strategy.

2. Marketing expertise

Read their crypto and blockchain marketing case studies. Learn how they approached and solved a marketing campaign problem and what strategies they used.

3. Reputation

You could check a crypto agency’s reputation by visiting review sites on Google or Clutch. Their Facebook page and other social media profiles can also include client reviews and feedback.

Why do you need an SEO specialist agency, and how can your crypto business benefit from it?

Among the different marketing techniques, SEO is the most effective for reaching more people and ranking better in search engines. However, it is also often underutilised by many crypto agencies. 

Optimising your website is an investment that provides you with a better ROI over the long term in exchange for increased audience awareness and an online traffic boost.

What kind of strategies can an SEO specialist offer to your crypto business?

1. Tracking the latest marketing trend in your industry

Keeping up with the latest trends and news in the crypto industry is vital. An expert can help your business create customised marketing campaigns in response to a new player or a change in government regulations.

2. Finding the likely search terms people use to find your crypto business

Keyword research is an essential part of crypto SEO. You obtain insight into what terms people use to search for your crypto products or services. SEO specialists are experts in the use of research tools, such as Ahrefs or Google Keyword planner. They can quickly make sense of the collected data and formulate a strategy based on a keyword’s popularity, search volume, and other related metrics.   

3. Analysing your competition

If you’re planning to launch a crypto wallet or crypto exchange, you will compete in a market dominated by big players. Nevertheless, it pays to learn how your competitors succeeded in the market, including the techniques they used.Agencies can keep track of the competition through the following methods. 

  • Paid and organic keywords
  • Backlink profiles
  • Search engine result rankings 
  • Content marketing strategies   
  • Social media presence 
  • Other SEO factors, such as site usability

4. Producing quality content and link-building

High-quality content should be:

  • Educational
  • Helpful 
  • The solution to your customer’s problem or query 

If your content connects with your audience, they will likely share it on social media and other websites will also link it on their pages.

You can also post blogs covering topics such as teaching users how to use your crypto products. It is an effective method of relaying industry-relevant news or issues and boosting your site’s authoritativeness and influence. 

Another essential SEO strategy is link-building, where you write guest blogs for authoritative websites. This will help your crypto business obtain backlinks to your site while reaching out to a wider audience. 

Why is link-building important?

It’s a major ranking factor used by Google, and it can boost the public perception of your crypto products. Websites with a high number of backlinks often receive increased natural traffic since they are perceived as an authority in the industry. 

Besides blogs, you can find and engage your target audience on various online platforms, such as Reddit or Quora. Answer any relevant queries and provide links to your site if permitted. You should also have a comprehensive FAQ on your website. 

Your marketing agency could also help you in other marketing channels, such as:

1. Email marketing

Email marketing is different from SEO, but it’s also an effective marketing tool. You can use emails as part of your lead generation strategy and increase your subscriber base.

2. Social media marketing

Use social media to promote your crypto business and create a profile on all major social platforms used by your target market. You should also treat every post as a means to boost your online authority and influence.     

Having a visible social media presence can produce substantial traffic to your website. However, you first need to attract your audience by posting engaging pictures, videos, or infographics. Afterwards, encourage your audience to view, share and like your social media posts. 


Having an in-house marketing team is an advantage for any crypto business. However, there are situations where you will need a specialist for specific marketing campaigns, such as crypto SEO. Marketing technologies continue to evolve, and a small in-house team may have difficulties keeping up. Furthermore, a marketing specialist can work in tandem with your in-house staff to produce the best marketing solution for your crypto business.   

SEO often requires time and experience, so why not delegate this task to us at Blokpoint? We are happy to provide you with our skills, knowledge, and expertise and present you with a bespoke crypto SEO strategy. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team today!


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