6 Feb, 2023

How to Market Your Crypto Project Effectively, An Expert’s Advice

How to Market Your Crypto Project Effectively, An Expert’s Advice
Developing your crypto project can be tough, but marketing your crypto project can be even tougher.

Investors and buyers are often cautious of projects they are unfamiliar with. They would rather go with credible and established brands.

This can be a challenge to your business. How do you find a way to convince potential customers that your crypto project is secure and trustworthy?

How can you transform first-time customers into dedicated brand loyalists?

It won’t be easy, but it is doable, provided you are willing to invest time, and resources, in finding and using the right marketing strategy.       

What are the best marketing strategies you can use to increase adoption, resulting in growing revenues? 

Here are the proven marketing strategies used by many successful crypto companies.


It’s essential to optimise your crypto project for online visibility. You need to search for specific terms that can lead your target audience to your website. The tactics we use to obtain valuable traffic can include:

  • Run keyword research on terms used by your ideal customer when searching for a crypto project like yours.
  • Competitor keyword research can help you target the keywords they used in order to appear on the same result pages. It can also uncover valuable search terms they may have missed.
  • Use long-tail search terms related to your crypto project since they are more specific and they tend to answer a searcher’s query directly. 

The purpose of keyword research is to find hidden gems that your prospects are searching for that your crypto project can rank well for. 

You can hire a Crypto SEO specialist like Blokpoint to take care of this essential marketing strategy. This includes finding the right keywords and phrases that will attract your target audience and monitoring and adjusting your site’s performance to rank well in the search results.

A specialist can help your project enhance its visibility to more potential customers and stand out in a competitive crypto space.

SEO advantages

  • Generates online traffic and sales
  • Increases the visibility of your crypto project
  • Provides valuable content to your target audience 
  • Avoids users not interested in your crypto project
  • It can generate a high return on investment
  • The benefits are long term
  • Lastly, appearing on Google’s top pages is social proof that the search engines trust your crypto project which can encourage potential customers.

SEO disadvantages

  • The results take time.
  • Requires constant monitoring and updates
  • You need to spend resources first before obtaining the benefits
  • Your site could incur Google penalties if shortcuts are taken and it’s done wrong

Social media

You can use social media platforms to connect your crypto project with its intended audience.  

There are more than 3.5 billion social media users, and almost 75% of digital marketers have experienced success. With the right social media approach, your crypto project can achieve the same.

Social media advantages

  • Expands your online community
  • Engages your audience and enhances customer relationships
  • Builds awareness about crypto project
  • Provides customer support
  • Reaches out to a larger target market

Social Media disadvantages

  • It can be a time-consuming process due to the many platforms available
  • Your competitors can see your content (however, you can also see theirs)
  • You need competent staff to do it
  • Any negative information about your brand can easily spread on social media
  • ROI from social media marketing takes time 

Google Ads

Google Ads is a popular advertising tool and can be a powerful marketing strategy for your crypto project. When done right, it can enable you to reach and target your ideal customers. 

Google Ads Advantages

  • Google Ads can reach a large audience since it is the most widely used search engine in the world.
  • You can target specific demographics, interests, and behaviours, allowing you to reach the most likely customers for your crypto project.
  • Google Ads provides analytics and metrics you can use to measure the success of your campaigns or make decisions. 
  • Google Ads can be cost-effective as you only pay when your ads are clicked.

Google Ads Disadvantages

  • The crypto market is highly competitive, and it can be difficult to stand out with Google Ads alone.
  • Google has been known to ban crypto-related ads, and the regulatory environment is constantly changing.
  • It can be difficult for your ads to appear on reputable sites if your project is not well-established.
  • The cost-per-click for crypto-related keywords can be high, making it challenging for small and start-up projects to compete with larger and more established companies.

Nevertheless, in the hands of experts, such as Blokpoint, a positive return on your ad spend can be quickly achieved.  

Public relations

Public relation campaigns can raise your project’s profile and improve its reputation. If you’re successful, you can spread your message to a large audience at a low cost. Nevertheless, there is no guarantee of its success.

Public relations advantages

  • It’s easier to persuade an audience using PR compared to paid ads
  • Once news outlets pick your story, it can spread to a large audience
  • It’s an economical way of reaching a large audience, especially if it’s an in-house effort.

Public relations disadvantages

  • You don’t have direct control since the media outlet decides on when and where to release your story.
  • There’s no guarantee that the media will publish your story.
  • Measuring the success of PR and its impact on your target audience can be challenging.

Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing can prove effective for your crypto project. Potential customers tend to trust influencers more than celebrities because the former appears more relatable.

It’s essential that your crypto project immediately establishes trust and credibility with your target market. However, this can be challenging since many of them are wary of crypto. 

For instance, more than 30% of US adults don’t trust crypto, and 25% don’t understand it. Fortunately, influencers can inform and even convert your audience to customers.

Influencer marketing advantages

  • Helps you reach a large target audience
  • Establishes trust and credibility with potential customers
  • Expands your project’s reach
  • You can focus on a specific group or niche
  • Enable you to generate helpful user content

Influencer marketing disadvantages

  • Working with the wrong influencer can damage your crypto project’s image
  • There is a risk that the influencer may not deliver the expected marketing results
  • Potential customers may doubt the sincerity or reputation of your influencer

Email marketing

You can create a personalised message to your target customers through email marketing. In addition to building a relationship with your audience, it can also improve the response rates of your marketing campaigns.

However, you should take care in implementing this strategy. People can flag your emails as spam if they are:

  • Irrelevant
  • Unwanted
  • Sent too frequently

Your emails should also comply with data protection laws, including:

  • Privacy and Electronics Communication Regulation (PREC)
  • Data protection regulations 

Email marketing advantages

  • The cost of sending emails is lower than most marketing strategies since you don’t have to pay for ad fees.
  • You can send emails to people who choose to receive information about your crypto products or services.
  • You have the opportunity to tell your crypto project story using texts, graphics, or attached files.
  • You can scale your email marketing to reach a large or small target audience.
  • Readers can receive personalised messages on specific crypto topics they are interested in.

 Email marketing disadvantages

  • Most people will likely send your email to trash or mark it as spam if it’s not relevant to them or unsolicited.
  • Improperly designed emails may not be delivered or filtered out by software
  • You need to have the right skills to conduct a successful email campaign. 
  • You can only start your email marketing once you have built an email list. However, to do this, you first need to bring traffic to your site first to create your email list.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a performance-based advertising campaign that relies on niche-specific affiliates to promote your crypto products in exchange for commissions.  

Affiliate marketing advantages

  • You only pay affiliates for the visitors they convert
  • There’s no need to invest substantial capital at the start of the campaign
  • You don’t have to train the affiliates since many of them have their own promotion methods.
  • Affiliates can supply helpful feedback about your crypto products

Affiliate marketing disadvantages

  • The chances of affiliates not bringing in any crypto sales are high.
  • Affiliates who don’t follow your guidelines can damage your project’s image
  • Affiliate marketing relies on cookies, but many browsers tend to restrict them due to privacy issues.
  • Unethical affiliates may use fraudulent means to obtain their commissions.  

How can SEO complement all the other marketing strategies?

SEO can work as a standalone strategy, but it can also complement your other marketing strategies by helping you.

  • Analyse earlier marketing and competitors’ performance to aid your content idea generation
  • Find niche influencers, links to other reputable sites, and promotional opportunities

What is the best marketing strategy based on ROI?

Among the different marketing forms, SEO provides the greatest return on investment for the following reasons.

  • The cost of optimising your website for organic traffic is low
  • There’s no need to continuously pay for lead-generating traffic compared to google Ads
  • The effect of SEO is long-lasting and tends to improve over time.


Whilst there are various marketing strategies available to your crypto project, SEO is the best strategy for obtaining trust and sales from customers. A combination of some or all these marketing strategies complemented by SEO can improve your ability to showcase your crypto products. SEO can also help build your crypto site’s reputation within your industry and target customers.   

It will require significant skills and experience to launch a sustainable digital marketing campaign. If you need assistance in planning and implementing SEO strategies, consider reaching out to us at Blokpoint. We can help you develop a crypto SEO and Google Ads strategy designed to boost online visibility and traffic from your target market. Don’t hesitate to contact us to set up our SEO campaigns. 


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