23 Feb, 2023

The Best Crypto Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow

The best crypto Instagram accounts you need to follow

Are you looking to stay updated on the latest crypto trends? You can find on Instagram some of the top minds in the crypto industry sharing their insights and analysis. 

From basic crypto tutorials to portfolio management tools and the latest in NFT and blockchain technology, here are the best crypto Instagram accounts you need to follow.

Best Instagram accounts for breaking crypto news

The crypto world is always evolving, and it can be a challenge to stay updated with the latest news and trends. Thankfully, Instagram has emerged as a popular platform for breaking news due to its visual appeal and digestible content. Here’s our best picks. 

coin.bureau Instagram

1. @coin.bureau

Say hello to @coin.bureau on Instagram. This account is the place to be for the latest in the crypto industry. It’s packed with engaging content, from industry news to insider perspectives. In addition, their quirky memes about the crypto world can make you smile, laugh and, most importantly, learn.

Most informative crypto Instagram accounts

Instagram is a popular source of information for the crypto community. Here are some of the IG accounts that can keep you updated on the market trends, regulatory changes, and developments in the crypto industry,

Altcoinbuzz Instagram

2. @altcoinbuzz

The @altcoinbuzz can keep you on top of the game in the dynamic and fast-paced world of crypto. They focus on delivering engaging and visually appealing content. Whether it’s breaking news, insightful analysis, or in-depth features, you can watch their preview videos about the subject. 

3. @cointelegraph

You will find @cointelegraph as a treasure trove of visually appealing and informative content, whether you’re a crypto enthusiast or business owner. The eye-catching graphics and visuals make it easier to understand the latest industry news, trends and insights from thought leaders in the crypto world. 

sharecrypto Instagram

4. @sharecrypto

On their Instagram account, @sharecrypto, you’ll find a mix of informative and engaging content that keeps you updated with the crypto trade. From thought-provoking discussions on crypto-economics to technical analysis, there’s something for everyone, for both seasoned crypto traders and enthusiasts.

5. @thecryptograph

The Cryptograph is a Scotland-based media group that aims to keep its followers updated with the latest crypto developments. Their Instagram account is a great source of information, with a range of posts covering news, opinions, and analysis from top crypto industry experts. 

Most active crypto exchanges on Instagram

Many exchanges use Instagram to share the latest market trends, product updates, and other insights with their followers and customers. Let’s explore some of the most active crypto exchanges on IG and how they stand out in the market. 

binance Instagram

6. @binance

Binance is the world’s leading crypto exchange, offering a platform for users to trade, store and manage their digital assets.

Whilst Binance uses Instagram to promote its services, they also post educational content. You can expect posts that feature crypto tutorials and trading tips, including community outreach and charity programs.

7. @cryptocomofficial

The @cryptocomofficial Instagram account provides you with a window into the world of crypto and blockchain. Take a journey into their updates, insights, and behind-the-scenes looks at the industry. Aside from the eye-catching graphics, they can engage you with interesting information and engaging stories.

Crypto influencers on Instagram  

A growing number of crypto influencers have emerged on Instagram. They provide their followers with a unique perspective on the latest trend and insights in the industry. We’ll explore some of the most prominent crypto influencers on IG, what makes them stand out, and why they are worth following.  

cryptowendyo Instagram

8. @cryptowendyo

CryptoWendyO is a crypto influencer who has made a name for herself by sharing her personal journey through the crypto space. Her posts are engaging, educational and always entertaining, making her account a must-follow for everyone interested in crypto. 

Best crypto educator on Instagram

There is an increasing demand for crypto education and information. You can also obtain this knowledge and insights from crypto educators on Instagram. Here are some most popular and effective IG crypto educators.

cryptoexplorer Instagram

9. @cryptoexplorer

The Instagram posts on @cryptoexplorer provide you with exciting updates and insights on the latest crypto developments. Besides the engaging discussions, you will find plenty of educational resources from their online courses, free ebooks and Discord community.

10. @bitboy_crypto

Ben Armstrong is a crypto enthusiast and creator of bitboycrypto.com. He’s a podcaster, Youtuber and also posts regularly on Instagram. He offers a wealth of information and entertainment to help you navigate the crypto world with ease. You can even read his Crypto 101 series if you want to learn the basics.

Best crypto humour/memes on Instagram

The crypto industry often deals with complex technology and serious financial topics. However, the crypto community also likes to have fun and share their enthusiasm.

Instagram is a popular platform for sharing crypto-related humour and memes. Here are some of the IG accounts that are popular for their hilarious crypto humour.   

cryptonary Instagram

11. @cryptonary

If you’re a crypto enthusiast looking for a bit of humour to brighten up your day look no further than Cryptonary’s IG account! This platform offers more than research analysis and updated news on digital assets. Their hilarious memes will have you laughing or at least smiling.

With Cryptonary, you can keep your finger on the pulse of the crypto world  while enjoying a good laugh! 

12. @cryptomemes.us

Cryptomemes.us focuses on sharing funny and relatable memes related to the crypto world. This Instagram account is known for its humorous and light hearted approach to crypto culture. 

Their memes cover a wide range of topics including popular coins like Bitcoin and Dogecoin, the market situation, and the various characteristics and personalities in the industry. 

13. @cryptoworld.info

Cryptoworld.info presents crypto in a lighthearted  and entertaining way while keeping you updated on the latest news and trends in the industry. They often use popular memes from other internet communities and add a crypto twist to them.   

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