23 Nov, 2022

Why SEO is a Necessity in Every Crypto Marketing Strategy

why seo is a necessity in every crypto project

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a set of online processes and steps for improving your website’s organic search ranking.

You need crypto SEO to enhance your website’s online ranking by using keywords related to your company’s industry. It’s one of the most effective digital marketing strategies available. 

Nevertheless, you must realise that optimising your crypto marketing strategy will take more than pasting a few keywords on your web pages. It requires plenty of research and analysis. Optimisation also takes time. 

Furthermore, you’ll most likely need a crypto SEO expert like Blokpoint to assist you in formulating and implementing a sound digital marketing strategy.  

Many small crypto businesses may think it’s impossible to outrank other well-established or bigger competitors for the same keywords. By partnering with Blokpoint, we can help you overcome this marketing obstacle and increase your brand exposure and audience reach.  

The benefits of Crypto SEO

1. Reach out directly to your target audience and boost your online traffic

SEO is a powerful tool for reaching out to and engaging your target audience. You can achieve this goal by crafting and implementing a well-thought-out crypto SEO action plan. Your strategy should also include using the right keywords to draw in crypto users and potential investors.   

You don’t need online traffic from anybody. Instead, what you need is traffic coming from your customer base. SEO can help generate high-quality traffic to your crypto site, especially by using the right crypto keywords. If you know the search terms people use, they will come voluntarily without the need to entice or persuade them.

2. Enhance your credibility

The primary reason to optimise your website is to land on the search engine result pages since users tend to trust sites that appear on the top pages. At Blokpoint, we constantly monitor any updates on Google’s algorithm and ranking factors and adjust our optimisation strategies accordingly.

3. Less costly than paid advertising

Paid online ads can bring in the traffic your website needs. Nevertheless, with SEO, your business can enjoy free promotion – 24 hours a day. There will be an initial cost, but once implemented, your crypto company can appear in the search results of your leads and potential customers regardless of time zones.

4. Improve user experience and cultivate a loyal following

SEO also encourages the addition of positive user experiences on your site.

How can your site provide a good user experience?

As SEO specialists, we recommend the following:

Follow the standard designs since they often match your visitors’ expectations and they are familiar with them. 

Whenever you decide on a particular design, make sure it’s for the user’s benefit.

Your site’s user interface (UI) should be fully functional and easy to use.

Keep your information architecture simple – it represents your site’s content organisation. You should also avoid complex or confusing navigation controls.  

Continuous user testing of your website’s designs and controls helps you detect and eliminate potential issues.   

5. Increase ROI over time

Unlike paid ads, SEO doesn’t require you to pay for traffic. Instead, it enables you to generate leads for your crypto business over time.

Nevertheless, organic traffic isn’t free since you still need to invest time and money to obtain the desired ranking. You can divide these investments into these two groups.

  • In-house team – You should also include the designer and developer costs.
  • SEO specialists and agencies – When you hire them, they can also measure the SEO ROI for you.

You can combine these costs over your desired time period.   

We calculate the return on investment based on the following formula.

[SEO ROI = (Organic conversion value – SEO investment cost) / SEO investment cost] * 100

In essence, you divide the SEO profit by SEO costs. 

Follow these crucial SEO practices

1. Crypto-related keyword research

Keywords are composed of one word or a short phrase that can describe or summarise your content. You need to start your crypto SEO marketing campaign with keyword research. These terms are essential for your marketing campaign for the following reasons.

  • To rank higher in the Google search results
  • Boost relevant traffic to your website
  • Increase customer awareness and build your brand authority

There are several methods for finding keywords related to your crypto business, including reviewing competitors’ content and keyword research tools. 

We use several crypto keyword research tools for search volume and competitiveness, and classify them into four groups based on intent.

  • Informational – For finding answers to a specific question or general information
  • Navigational – For finding a specific site or page
  • Commercial – For investigating brands or services
  • Transactional – For completing a purchase or action   

We are experts with these tools and know exactly how to find the best performing keywords for your business. 

In addition, we also develop and implement strategies for building content around these keywords.

Using the right keywords will also make you an authority in your crypto industry, and your website will rank higher on search engine results.

2. Content marketing

Google considers content as one of the primary ranking factors for websites. The challenge is how to use SEO to improve your ranking for your crypto keywords.While Google’s algorithm can be complex, your content needs to follow only one important rule – it must be relevant and engaging. 

Creating engaging and attractive content using E-A-T 

How can you create interesting and attractive content for your crypto business?

You can implement the E-A-T method on your content and prove to Google your:

Expertise – You can feature the founders or key people, including their achievements and background, to show your company’s expertise. However, if this is not possible, you can list relevant previous projects and partnerships to improve your expertise level with Google and your target audience.

Authoritativeness – Google will check your site’s reputation based on the content it produces, including blogs or press releases. The higher your authority level on specific crypto topics, the higher your website or the page, will rank.

Trustworthiness – Recommendations from reputable crypto players in your niche or favourable mentions in news outlets are positive trust factors for Google.

While Google doesn’t openly consider EAT a ranking factor, its algorithm suggests they put substantial emphasis on it. 

What does link-building mean for your crypto website?

Links can buildup authority for your crypto projects since each of them serves as a vote of approval for your website. 

How can you make other sites link to yours? 

As mentioned earlier, engaging, reliable, and trustworthy content can attract reputable sites to link them to their pages.


SEO is critical to your crypto marketing strategy. You can use it to extend audience reach and improve your reputation more cost effectively than with other marketing strategies, such as paid ads. However, before you can enjoy the SEO benefits, you’ll need to put in the resources and time.

Keyword research, content creation, and link building for your crypto project will likely require the skills of SEO specialists. At Blokpoint, we have the experience and knowledge to choose the right keywords and content for your marketing campaigns. If you need SEO assistance, we are happy to help you. Please contact us today and let us create an SEO strategy tailored to your crypto business. 


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